Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kiddisms 2.0

Bossyboy is always the one to come up with some cute kiddisms. He's just to funny.
His new thing he just started saying is "You know what I'm thinkin Momma?" with this look of deep thought on his face (he's 2). "What are you thinkin Bossy?" I ask. "CARS!" He declares. "Cars?" "Yeah did you see that car vverthere Momma, did you see it?" "Yes I see it."
His other word that cracks me up is "hhhairplane" no not airplane "hhhairplane".
This boy also has a weakness for all things candy. Last week at Easter he literally sat down with his and his brothers Easter baskets and opened each plastic egg and carefully opened each piece of candy and ate it. I don't know how many eggs he went through before I knew something was up as he was wwwaaayy to quiet. All I know is there were wrappers and eggs everywhere and chocolate was all over his face. I really don't know how he didn't get sick.
My mother painstakingly went through every single egg; which by this point there really wasn't to many left, and took all the candy out. She carefully placed all the candy out of reach of the child. This was all well and good, except it all went downhill as of this morning. I was currently in the process of revamping the kitchen. I had all of the kitchen counter stuff strewn about the living room. This was so I could start with a clean slate and put everything back in a better place, in the attempt to make my kitchen somewhat organized. Somehow I didn't think my cunning plan through. As the raging chocolate monster found all the chocolate that was so carefully placed out of reach and ate even more of it. He gets it from me chocolate makes me ravenous too.

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