Friday, April 13, 2007

30 Day Challenge

Since I have taken on the challenge at orgjunkie, I thought it only appropriate to first layout my plan of action. Normally when I do re organize I just go at it full throttle with no real plan, atleast not one completely thought out. So here goes nothing or something.

First on my list is to decide how and what I'm going to do. I also need to decide what items I may need and or what can I do with what I have.
-I would like to have some containers. I would like to have enough containers to completely to contain ALL of my dry goods. This includes the cereals, and the baking items. I think this will be the primary thing I need. I may find I need other items as I go along.
-I plan to completely clear everything out from on top of the counters and top of the fridge, and.. and gulp even all the kitchen cabinets.
-Next I'm going to purge purge purge. I plan to get rid of any appliances that I don't use anymore. I know I have a part of a blender thats missing the top and the blades are all bent. I'm pretty sure I can get rid of that. I also plan to purge any plastic containers that are missing lids or just look plain yucky.
-At this point I plan to decide how and where things will be stored. I want to try to make stations. One area the baking area with the spices and dry goods like the flour, and sugar ect. I hope to make a station for each esstional part of the kitchen. I also hope to have a central location where the mail, school papers and keys will be placed. If this is not feasible for the rest of the plan I will try to find another location.
Next I will transfer all the dry goods to their new container. Im not sure how much I plan to spend for this part. I'm going to check with the hubby and see what kind of "allowance" I can have and if new containers for the flour, sugar is really necessary. (I really think so!)
This is the plan so far, sounds pretty good to me and Im really excited to get started.

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org junkie said...

Sounds like you have a good plan there, don't forget to plan how much time a day you can devote to this.

Have fun purging!



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