Sunday, April 29, 2007

Its a Small Blog World

When I decided to start this blog just a couple of months ago, I never had a clue what could or would come out it. I just figured it would be a great way to jot down insignificant things in my life with my boys. I thought it would be a better way than keeping up with the baby books. I've gotten way more out of it than I ever thought.
It takes one little post on someone's blog to meet the nicest kindest people in the whole bloggy world. Thats all it took to find sweet Clementine at Shannons. I discovered just by meandering to her blog and finding out about her Wonderboy and his eye situation being similar to my Wonderboys.
I about fell out of my chair as I told Clementine in an e-mail,that its coincidence enough to have the same psuedoname for them, but to also have similar eye problems and her being from OK is almost freaky.
She has been so kind to e-mail me and provide me more information and and if that wasn't enough shes going to see about finding me a doctor in East Texas for a consult. Which words cannot express how appreciative I am of this. No ones ever just out right done anything like this for me ecspecially through the intertubes.

With a little prayer and just being at the right place and time, God finds a way for things to all work out in the least expected places.

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