Saturday, March 3, 2007

Diving In

Well here it goes....
I've stuck my toes in and gotten a little wet doing this blog thing somewhere else, but I never really expected to completely dive in completely. So here it goes I'm diving in head first. I'll admit I'm a bit leery broadcasting myself out to the internet world so here it goes...

As my title states I'm a working momma with 3 boys. I end my shift at 5 and start my "real" job. I'm married to my best friend of 9 years. We've been livin the Texas life for 8 years now, though I never claim to be a Texan cause I'm an Okie girl at heart.

I have no idea where this blog thing will go. I was doing the "blog" thing long before blogs were invented. I have 3 full books of journals clear back from 6th grade. Those journals are treasures I hold dear to my heart. I had random thoughts then and I'm sure sure I will have random thoughts for this. At times I would try to be entertaining then and somewhat inspirational. I have no guarantees for this here what so ever. Just thought I'd give forwarning.
So here we go head first. Bare with me as I work out all of the kinks. Thanks for stopping by...not that anyones going to stop by simply cause I'm not quite ready for the internet world just yet.

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