Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cast of Characters

Im really going to start getting into this now that I have taken the dive.
I read a lot of blogs and felt it was my time. I want to be apart of this great community of mom bloggers. There are lots of wonderful ladies out there.
So without further adieu here is the cast of characters that I will primarily talk about.
*The names are made up but the people are real.
Strongman-Is my hubby. He may not necessarily be strong in the muscle sense, but he has a strong loving heart and is my rock. So I deemed him strong man.
Gameboy-This is my oldest son age 7. He loves his video games, playing chess, playing games in general. I thought he also would love this name.
Wonderboy- Is my middle miracle boy. He was born 28 weeks at 2lbs 10oz. He's a survivor and a wonder to me. He's come a long way and just amazes me every day. Hes 6 (gameboy and wonderboy are exactly 12months 16 days apart) and the two of them are the bestest friends ever. I will definatly do a blog on wonderboy as his story needs to be told.
Bossyboy- Bossyboy is the 2 year old. He came into this world with the strongest lungs I ever heard. He never stopped yelling when the nurses took him weighed him, cleaned him up and took him to the nursery. Ever since, he's ruled this house like no other. He's got a tremendous temper but is also my sweet long lashed baby boy.
More on the gang later. I just wanted to have an over view of what I was going to call these characters and give a brief description of them.

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