Friday, May 8, 2009

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

When I mentioned the other day about my concern for Pay Per Posts your interest seemed to peak. I guess I assumed anyone that blogs had some kind of idea what it is. I by no means am an expert but basically your given a topic of "interset" to blog about and link up the sponsors who your promoting and the magic fairies send you money or something like that. The person to ask is Laurie she's recruiting folks if your interested and has a great post with the folks to inquire with.

If you follow me on Twitter than you probably removed me to follow after last night. Last night was mom's night out on Twitter with 5 Minutes for Mom, and MomTV. Basically it was a bunch of us ladies begging and groveling the 5MFM girls and MomTV hostess to give us some lovely prizes on Twitter. Needless to say, we exploded Twitter with our tweets and I also exploded my facebook, and blog page as well. Sorry 'bout that!
Even though I didn't win a prize, Laurie did win the coveted VADO which is a flip video camera. We were rooting for each other all night and she won one of the last ones. Lucky duck! WE yes WE have big plans for our her VADO, as in doing some vlogging together. For some reason she thinks I'd be hilarious doing a vlog. Silly girl doesn't realize that I'll be just a big goof ball, but I'm guessing that's the point. Anyways, we have big plans to hit Ikea and do something crazy there with the VADO. If you guys have suggestions on what we should do at Ikea while Vlogging "it" let me know... of course as long as it doesn't get us thrown out and banned. Though wouldn't that be interesting for the vlog? I'm thinking some kind of wacky scavenger hunt. In case you're not in the know of what vlog is, it's basically blogging on video. Your welcome. :)

You guys also asked about the tootsie roll story from my Thursday 13 on my mom. A few weekends ago my mom and sister sold tootsie rolls for Special Olympics outside of a large warehouse store (the one that Mr Walton founder of Walmart has), and supposedly it was bitter cold and very rainy outside. According to the rules of Mr Waltons establishment solicitors are to stand 20-30 feet away from the front door. I totally understand where there coming from on this, as no one likes to be bombarded even by a person with disablities selling tootsie rolls. They had to literally stand out in the rain for their endeavor. Since I'm a big wuss, I would have given up the first 30 minutes. They stayed out there the whole 2 hours. Bless their hearts. If I know my sister she probably was none to thrilled.

There you are my friends, if you have a random question about anything or if I've left you hanging on any fascinating part of my life that I've mentioned and then left you in the dark on, ask a way and I shall answer...maybe. I'm always up for a good random post.
Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers. I will be receiving a brand spankin new lawn mower. It is the gift that keeps on giving and mowing.

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Laurie said...

Oooh. Perhaps we should also document your first experience with hummus on a vblog? That could be entertaining. Will she spit it into her napkin? Will she run for the bathroom? Will she jump up and down with excitement as the magic hits her tongue? Will she order a second helping?

I must have missed your post about paid blogging. It is very much a personal choice. There are good and bad things about it. We can definitely talk more about it next time we get together and I can share my experiences with you. I learn new things every day.


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