Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just A Few Bits And Pieces

-I'm at the 'rents house getting ready for the big show and had a few random things to mention.

-Obviously my music taste never left the late 90's except for a small handful. I promise to never do a music random thingy again (crossing fingers behind back). I will post the answers later if you guys really care. :)

-It's my anniversary and please don't let me forget to post about the wrecky cake my dad ordered for us. Ya'll want cake, cause he got one to feed 30? There's only 8 of us here and half of us won't or can't eat it. I'm seriously going to take a pic of this cake soon and have you guys tell me if it's Cake Wreck worthy or not. I honestly laughed so hard I was crying. I love it! Is it sad that since finding Cake Wrecks, I have been on the hunt for a wrecky cake. Score that it's my anniversary cake. More on that later.

-I committed a blog cardinal sin, I got halfway to Oklahoma and realized I forgot the camera. What kind of blogger am I? I hang my head in shame. The hubs is going to have to take my "L" pics on the crackberry and e-mail them to me. The cake too. Sigh!

-One additional thing. I'm reading The Host and loving it. If you have reservations about reading about alien body snatching this book is not primarily on that. I will also say if you weren't to much into Twilight you should give Stephanie Meyer a second chance with The Host. I will bravely say that I think I love this one more than Twilight but in a different way. I loved Twilight for the romance and I love The Host on a Sci Fi open mind perspective, two sides to every story level. I am not a Sci Fi fan, I'm just one by force with 4 boys around. This kind of Sci Fi, I'm really enjoying.

OK that is all....


Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you are liking The Host - it was really good and I agree, *maybe* even moreso than Twilight... maybe.

Can't wait to see pictures, hear more about this potential cake wreck, etc. :) said...

Oh for heaven's sake! That's almost the exact same thing that I said about The Host. I really am not a Sci Fi fan at all but just got it and read it because I liked Twilight and so I thought, "Why not?". I eventually got so I could not put it down, though it took a good deal of reading to get me there.
Cake Wreck? I guess we'll see! ;-)

The Mom said...

I can't wait to see the pictures. And I loved The Host. So well done.


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