Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thoughts on Maddie

Next week Wonder Boy will be 9. Most would never give second thoughts on a kid turning 9, kids turn 9 every day. I'm thankful for each and every single day.
If you haven't read Wonder Boys birth story yet it pretty much tells all of why I feel so fortunate that he's come a long way baby. Born at 28 weeks gestation, Born with numerous breathing problems,pnuemonia so many times that first year I can't count. Then the icing on the cake, RSV which led him to be on ECMO. We honestly never knew from one day or the other if he would make it through another day. Yet some how he was a fighter and had a pretty awesome guardian angel watching over him and prayer. Now a days the kid is rarely even sick from school. He honestly hasn't been sick sick since that first year. I feel ever so humbled and blessed.

I say all of this and feel so guilty yet so blessed at the same time, when I read around the blogosphere about a precious little girl name Maddie. Maddie also was born at 28 weeks with numerous breathing and lung problems. Her story sounded almost exactly to the tee of Wonder Boys story.
Little Maddie went in for what appeared to be another issue where she was having problems breathing. This was probably almost a routine thing for their family as it was for us, granted the severity of the situation is never routine. She went in Monday morning and left this world on Wednesday. My heart was broken over hearing this. I had never actually read Heather's blog until I heard about it but I'm sure we could have related with all of the stuff she is going through.
I can't begin to explain or understand why these things happen and why Wonderboy was spared and Maddie not. I just feel assured that God has big plans for Maddie that are not of this Earth.
The blogosphere has rallied around this sweet little girl and her family and I know that they probably have never felt more blessed and loved than ever, even through this kind of unimaginable hurt. Had I even the slightest idea what a blog was in 2000 or that countless people on the Internet could be so supportive and loving to a total stranger and their family, I would have jumped on board then.
I just felt I had to send out my thoughts and prayers to the family. If you'd like to read more here is Maddie's tribute page They also have a great tribute at Blog Nosh Magazine
The blog community is rallying in full force to support the Maddies Walk for March of Dimes something near and dear to my heart.

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Just amazing. Can't help but tear up...


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