Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Discombobulated Random

Seems like I just did some random last Thursday, it's almost like a theme around here....

-We are having a bit of birthday hangover right now. We took the boys to the most awesome place on the planet last night called Main Event. It has be the most giant place of fun for "guys" Ive ever seen. Bowling, ropes course, laser tag, video games, billiards, and 2 or 3 restaurant choices. It's a super mega birthday boy hangout. During the week is the most awesome time to go. It was practically empty and we had a blast. Look at me being all fancy and putting the pics all in one spot. Thanks Jen :)

-My dog somehow hurt his back or something over the past weekend. We know he is not himself..not really wanting to run and jump for the ball and if he's touched just so in a certain spot he winces and whines. We've massaged all over his back to find the spot and nothing to be found. We took him to the vet yesterday and he couldn't really find anything either. So poor Annies on anti inflammatorys and we wait and see.

-I must fore warn you yet again, that the birthday train is just begining. Next weekend the parents and mother in law are coming down for Easter/Birthday celebration for both Gameboy and Wonderboy. Your exhausted already aren't you? I know I am.

-I then must prepare for Jedi training camp for Wonderboy's birthday the following weekend. I kind of need to get started on that.

-I hope I haven't scared bored everyone to death and they have fled blog land to get away from me. It was my collection of Eskimo Joe shirts that did you in, wasn't it? Maybe everyone has been like me and reading blogs but have been to lazy to comment. Waves at all of you lurking. Mmmuah love you anyway. :)

-I've got to get down to the nitty gritty and clean house yet again today. Didn't I just do this last week?

-The big boys are doing an egg hunt at school, but instead of doing it the normal way, it's a math egg hunt. This sounds awesomely brilliant and I'm interested to see how that works.

-I'm sure I have something else of uninterest but I'll just leave you guys at that. Your welcome.

Oh one more thing. Gameboy is studying animal adaptations/environments. The kids were each given a baggy of owl pellets aka owl puke. They were instructed to dig through the owl pellets to find bones and what not to figure out what the owl ate. Wonderful! Once their little project was done, they got to bring it home. Why would I want a baggy of owl pellets, bones, and feathers? Why couldn't they just throw it away? Yes, it's just sitting here on my coffee table next to my half eaten breakfast of poptarts. Oh sorry, were you eating breakfast too?


shayla said...

Goodness, that is pretty gross! It's really kind of a cool way of teaching, though. said...

Oh yeah... I've heard of that before! I'm talking about the owl pellets of course!
For some reason I'm not sure that leaving them on the coffee table is the best thing to do with it aesthetically. Maybe put it on a bookshelf?
In the attic. ;-)

shayla said...

Wow, that is really cool what you did with the pics. Looks like a blast! Maybe if we are able to come down we can all go there. I think it must be heaven for boys!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

My god I am behind on my blog reading - I am reading I swear, but with the hubby home it's getting harder to get through it all in a timely manner! haha


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