Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Birthday Steam Is Running On E

Or for a better title... here's some random cus gosh dang it I'm tired.

First I (Wonder Boy) appreciates all the birthday wishes. He does love to be the center of attention, even for total strangers on his mom's blog.

We are hitting the grand finale of the birthday extravaganza. I sometimes wonder about myself and all the "stuff" I've been doing for this party. The hubs would probably say I've got to much time on my hands. He probably is right. I consider it my reconciliation for all the slacking I've done in just the last year when it comes to Wonder Boy. I'm pretty sure I'm even now.

Today consisted of cleaning what I can of the house and catching up with as much laundry as possible. I've really slacked off on laundry, normally weekends are my main laundry days, I consider it my hit the heavy loads days (doing multiple loads to catch up from the week) I haven't been able to do that in the past few weekends.

I also created the Star Wars Galaxy in my kitchen, created a lava rock pit, and printed out Star Wars Bingo. I have to give some major kudos to Tip Junkie for the helpful ideas. If you ever need any kind of ideas for any occasion that is the place to go.

I'm really looking forward to my long time BFF and her boys who are coming down to hang with us for this grand finale birthday. My intent is to get her on the Wii and challenge her to some tennis. Waves at S! (She probably won't read this until Monday when it's all said and done.)

Pics will be forth coming. I would have given you a preview but I'm on the hubs computer, I'm being nice and letting the birthday boy have extra time on the computer.

I'm hoping tonight the hubs takes the birthday boy out for dinner..I'm even game for Mickey Dees at this point. We also may be taking a special trip to the TRU. We have not gotten him anything yet and will just let him go on a spree...with major limits of course.
See ya'll on the flip side with a full recap of the entire grand finale.

One last thing though this has nothing to do with anything...
May 6th is a big bloggy meet up in Tulsa. Some big time Okie bloggers will be there like Rocks In My Dryer, who was the first blog I ever read. She's like my mentor or something..though she doesn't even know it.
There's going to be tons of great stuff going on and swag, which who doesn't love that? I'm going to try and beg the hubs to let me go. I have connections in Tulsa aka someone's couch I could sleep on. I think it would be funner than BlogHer in my opinion plus it's closer.

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shayla said...

Yes, you are right...just now reading the blog. We had a great time! I'm anxious to come down again and this time it won't be post-surgery and in the middle of an exhausting move! Thanks for allowing us to take over your home and the boys LOVED it!


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