Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adventures In Babysitting: The "Millers"

L and I had ourselves quite established with the "Jone's" and didn't have too many crazy adventures with Anne, that or I am totally drawing a blank on them. Word did get out through the neighborhood that there were two very awesome and professional only babysitters available for hire. We soon were working for a few families and business was booming.

The "Millers" were our next main client. The nicest couple in the world, who had two kids that weren't quite as sweet and adorable as Anne; this simply was because they were pre school/kindergarten aged and just not quite as easy to handle. I'm really just sugar coating their behavior as best as possible. I like to think of them as the two Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp. They tried everything in their power to conspire against the babysitter to make her (us) look bad. Lucky for us, their parents were so onto them, unlike the Aunt in Lady in the Tramp.

"Justin" and "Misty" were always out to get us in trouble even if it was something that L and I had nothing to do with. L and I were fortunate enough again to duet the babysitting most of the time for them; one really needed a partner to back them up when it came to these two.

One day in the middle of a hot summer, the kids had been in and out playing for most of the day and were finally settling down to watch some cartoons while L and I prepared lunch (I'm totally making up this small insignificant part as it really doesn't matter exactly what we were doing.) we had the back door open with the screen door shut. All was actually calm and serene for that small amount time.
Suddenly there was a pop and a bang coming from the back door, to L and I's horror, some how the glass to the screen door had busted and shattered. As normal L and I freaked out, cause that's what adolescent girls do when caring for young children. Justin instantly began to blame L and went through the whole; "Uuhmm I'm telling!" "You are going to be in sooo much trouble L, when my dad sees you busted the window!!" Naturally L has super mind powers and can shatter glass simply by making PBJ sandwiches. Though we knew "we" didn't actually do anything, it still felt quite disconcerting to think that maybe in some odd way we had.
We (L) immediately called Mrs. Miller at work to let her know what happened, even though there really wasn't much she could do or needed to do. We kept the kids away from the door as much as possible and waited for Mr. Miller to get home. Luckily most of the glass was in safety glass and though it shattered it remained with in the glass.
Naturally they apologized to us profusely for the "inconvenience" and naturally Justin still felt the need to tell on us.
We still don't know exactly how the glass broke other than it possibly expanded from the heat and burst under pressure. I'm thinking we got a little extra in our pocket that day for the added stress.


HalfAsstic.com said...

Parents of kids of that nature are usually "on to them" it seems like. When I was in high school I babysat two little "darlings" that were my boyfriends niece and nephew. They flat refused to do or not do anything I told, asked or begged them to. It was like they set out to destroy me from the get go. I sat for them twice and said never again.

Krista said...

I have heard of glass randomly breaking like that, but I can imagine it would be totally freaky!

My worst babysitting experience ever was when I was babysitting for my high school math teacher and his niece was there. His kids were great, she was a little terror. I definitely go paid extra that night and was glad she didn't live in town!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Hmmm maybe it was the same thing they are talking about with glass table tops on the news now? Super glad no one got hurt and that you didn't get in trouble for nothing! :P


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