Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday- A Little Of This And That

Do you ever start what you think is a small project only it becomes a bit bigger than you expected? Do you also have intentions to tackle one room yet end up starting that room and then tackling another room instead? Yeah so that's basically what has happened today.
I had all intended purposes to rearrange things in our den to clear out some clutter and move some furniture around all in part of my spring clean. This room was the least cluttered in the house and I figured it would be quick and easy. As if.
Then I decided to move this eyesore of a bookshelf into the living room, even though my whole purpose of putting it in the den in the first place was so no one would have to see the eye sore. So I've been clearing stuff out and rearranging and now have done more in the living room than in the den. It's still not completely tackled yet. The eyesore doesn't actually look to bad with just a few minimal items on it. The wall as you walk into the house was so bare and empty feeling that I just needed something there and something to catch all my cluttery nicknacks. I have yet to hang my pictures back up from the paint job back in late December. They have been sitting on the coffee table all this time. I hope to get that done after I get the boys.
I've got a stack of books here that I hope to put on PaperBackSwap That's my next tackle is getting those uploaded. You guys are on paperbackswap right?
I figure I might well just finish off the living room and finish the rest of the den tomorrow and maybe my bedroom, where I've thrown random stuff in the floor to clear the clutter out of the den. Cause that's what de cluttering is all about right? Moving stuff from one room to the other and than eventually to the garage.

I also took all of 10 minutes to de clutter my template. I say it looks much better. I meant to do it sooner and just was afraid I'd jack it up since it's now a 3 column. Thanks Jen for reminding me and suggesting! Hope it looks OK.

Sorry there's no pics this week. I just really wanted to get started and then couldn't stop once I got going.

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I think the background looks great and it makes everything else pop a bit. Very nice. :)

I'm a cleaning / organizing spaz, I end up running from room to room and doing like 4 things in each room, and in the end sometimes none of them look much cleaner - haha - yesterday though I vacuumed the entire living room carpet, which I'm embarrassed to say hasn't happened in a looong time. I was very proud.


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