Monday, March 2, 2009

Productivity Level Is Low

I've been sitting here most of the morning avoiding all levels of productivity. So far I'm doing pretty good. I figured I should make up another excuse to avoid it by jotting down a few notes of random, since that's what unproductive Jean does.

-I feel like since the bloggy meet up that I have to act (blog) differently than what I normally do. I think it has to do with the fact that I act differently in real life and I'm trying to convey to you that I'm the same person. I don't know any other way to explain it. I keep reminding myself that it would be the same as if they just came randomly to the blog and the first lame post was when I was in a foul mood and decided not to post before and after pictures of a tackle I did. Why do new people seem to stop by when the "house" is dirty? Anyways what you see is what you get and I don't have any plans to change it. Why do I feel I have to explain myself? Why ask why?

-Paul Harvey died over the weekend. He was an iconic radio legend, one in which I'll miss. Of course I haven't really listened to him in a coon's age but he will be missed nonetheless. It was funny because a friend of mine wrote on my facebook wall that I should do a post about us having to listen to Paul Harvey every morning before school. I thought wow that came out of left field! Then she responded back that he had passed. I honestly can't come up with anything to post worthy other than that was our normal routine in the morning; was to listen to Paul Harvey on our whole 5 minute drive to school. Sometimes we'd miss hearing "the rest of the story" and would be kind of bummed.

-My mother's little church had their entire offering collection stolen this past weekend. It's really a sad day and time when someone has to steal from a church. They believe they know who did it as it's very easy to pinpoint a "new" face in their little church. Mom said he was acting very strange and leaving during the mass several times. He also was carrying a black bible. Now you might think what's odd about that? Most people in a Catholic church do not need their bible per say, as the liturgy are all in a book in each section of the pew. You'll never hear a Catholic priest say, "now open your Bible to John 3:16," it just doesn't happen. That's why you Baptist's would smoke us in a bible verse contest.
Supposedly this guy was interested in joining the church..probably never stepped in a Catholic church a day in his life. Somehow the priest left the sanctuary for a brief moment while talking to him and that's when he up and grabbed the offering and took off.
My mom had written a check and canceled the check and just hopes he doesn't use her account information for future use. I told her it's possible he could open up a Pay Pal account and connect her bank account that way. I think he was probably just going for the quick cash.
I should do the Christian thing and pray for him and that he somehow finds redemption.
-Last but not least. I feel for you Northerners as much as a Texan can feel in our mild winter. Stay safe and warm. If it's any consolation the wind here makes it feel like 20 below. Probably not quite the same without the blinding snow though.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I've been majorly productive today but would loooooove to be nonproductive instead. Sounds lovely.

Laurie said...

I grew up listening to Paul Harvey too, so when I heard this yesterday I was also sad.

I feel you on the non-productivity. Not feeling it today at all.

Sorry about your parent's church. That is seriously sad. Who does something like that?!

Lawanda said...

((HUGS)) I love your blog. Don't change. K? :)

shayla said...

So, exactly how long is a coon's age?! Hehe. Love that country girl!

J said...

I felt kinda self-conscious posting after the meetup too :-) But I just say, we are who we are! It's what makes you interesting! Keep it up! So sorry to hear about the church incident :-( Some people are unable to control their ability to inflict is sad that they are in that place and weren't able to open up enough to receive healing in the church instead of taking... said...

You are right, of course. Praying for this guy is the right thing to do and certainly the Christian thing to do... but it is so hard not to be mad at him, also.
What part of North Texas are you from? I guess not the pan handle or you wouldn't be referring to the winter as "mild"!


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