Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let Me Just Say Gah!

I just wanted to say forgive me for that steaming crap pile, that was an attempt for a book review post. I typed that one up using Explorer and forgot it does not have the auto spell checker. I must have thought I was some smarty pants to not have to correct spelling mistakes. Hangs my head in shame.
I'm in some kind of funk. I don't like to complain(of course I will anyway) because I really have no right to be in any funk after just having a nice break from blogging and kids . Maybe I'm feeling empathetic to all those taking it one uncertain day at time during this economy.

I just haven't been to much into commenting, Facebooking, twittering or anything. I'm just skimming through the reader and saying to myself; lets just hurry and get through this and move on. I have twitter block, if there is such a thing. I just have nothing outstanding to say that I feel the whole world would want (mercy.. 4 w's) to know about. I feel so bad because since the blog party I've gained quite a new following. Yet, here lately I barely update on twitter twice a day. I'm a sad little tweet.

I really don't know what is up with this? Maybe my groove is out of whack since I don't have my feet propped up on the coffee table in the proper blogging position.

Just know, that I'm so thankful you guys still muster through while gritting your teeth each day, reading my steaming heap I call a blog.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I'm clearly not a very attentive reader because I didn't notice any spelling mistakes - it happens to the best of us, I'm sure. :)

And you know I'm feeling you on the twitter block, etc. I hope we find our groove again soon - I miss the groove.

HeatherMama said...

We all get that way. Dont sweat it. You'll get your groove back soon enough. And if you cant stand the funk any longer, Starbuck's and lots of chocolate seem to jumpstart me. :-)


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