Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grocery Shopping With The Hubs

If you've been reading the blog for any length of time you may know that the hubs and I have one thing that could tear our marriage to shreds... Grocery Shopping.

We have learned over the years that I am the primary grocery shopper, since I know how to shop without us going completely bankrupt. The hubs on the other hand throws everything in the cart that is his heats desire, since to him money is no object.
Since the hubs knows he has this condition he is only allowed to shop once or twice a year.
His time was due and so we proceeded to do the dreaded task of grocery shopping today.

I have learned over the past almost 11 years of marriage to just roll with it, since he only does this so rarely. We used to get in knock out drag out fights in the produce aisle. If he wasn't overstocking on items that we would rarely use, he would buy produce that he will never eat, like say turnips. He supposedly loves turnips and will eat them like apples. This is one of the few vegetables he will supposedly eat.
The problem is half the groceries he buys (yes we literally have our own grocery cart to purchase the items we each need) he completely forgets about what he bought. I couldn't tell you how many packages of green onions or turnips I've thrown out simply because they were never eaten by the purchaser of said turnips. No matter how many times I tell him he's never going to eat it or we really really don't need it he doesn't listen. -Case in point: 2 years ago we he bought 12 cases of Ramen soup, each containing 12 packages of soup. That's what 144 packages of Ramen? We are finally now down to 4 boxes and that was after I gave away 3 boxes for a canned food drive. We only eat it when there's absolutely nothing left in the house or when daddy has to cook, cause mommy is out for a girls night out. He still feels he has to have it and we will eat it...eventually.

As I was in the process of typing this up, the hubs asked if I was mad at him for going crazy yet again at the grocery store. I think he was shocked that I told I was not and that I have learned to just deal with it. He even stated that I was supposed to scold him for spending so much (you don't even want to know). It's kind of late now and pointless, I told him as I've tried for many years before.

We at least are well stocked on dry goods and turnips for the next month.


Bronnie said...

Oh don't get me started on grocery shopping with men. Mine also loves to shop, but I have to limit it or I would go bankrupt. In goes all the luxuries I rarely buy, unless on special, treats for the kids, items tossed in without a moment's thought... and yes bags of stuff like spinach and haloumi which will go off because he just won't get around to doing anything with it. He thinks I'm too thrifty, I think he's too generous ... thank God we only do it occasionally (shop that is) or it would be cause for divorce!

kristi said...

LOL, we are the same way! I saw a couple bickering the other day and thought "Hmmm...well atleast we are not the only ones!"

The Mom said...

I love to go shopping with my husband. On Friday nights, we usually go to dinner, then off to Walmart. We have such a fun time. I'm sorry you have to go it alone!

J said...

Oh my gosh, the EXACT same thing happened to us on Saturday! I let my husband go with me to Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods. I never go there without a grocery list and a strict plan. But then I let him loose to have fun. Oh man. But I guess it made him really happy :-) said...

Wow! I can so NOT relate to this one thing.
John works at the grocery store where he's a manager and he has got to be the biggest tightwad on the face of the earth.
Since he is there, every day, I don't ever do the grocery shopping. I tell him what to bring home that we NEED and he finds the very best possible deal on it. Even if he has to go to another store to get a cheaper sale. Tight, tight, tight. He's so cheap you can hear his butt cheeks squeaking as they rub together when he walks! ;-)

Sarah @ said...

Turnips. Lol. Your turnips are my bananas. I won't eat the danged things unless they're in a smoothie, but my husband claims he loves them and is sometimes upset that I did not buy them, HOW DARE I.

Which is odd because I cannot tell you how many times I've chucked a bunch of rotten bananas.

Laurie said...

D and I also are not compatible grocery shoppers. He thinks that I take too long (which might be true), and I feel that he rushes me (which IS true).

Since being out of work, I have volunteered to take on the task since I can take all the time I need/want and not have to hear his whining. He provides me with a list of what he wants before I go. Win/Win in my opinion. :)


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