Thursday, February 5, 2009

Why A Pickle?

I'm sure you all are dying to know why such desperation for a pickle? Was I on some kind of PMS induced psychotic rage? Do I love pickles that much that I'd go to the ends of the Earth to get a hammer and bust open a jar of pickles? Am I just some crazed SAHM that has nothing better to do than going around busting pickle jars and then blog about it for all the world to see?
The answer to those questions would be no and yes. You figure out the yes.

Here's the situation: (I will try not to make this a dissertation on why I needed pickles, but I can't make any promises.)
I am not a picky eater. I take that back. I am not as picky of an eater as most say my husband. I do however get bored with food. Don't get me wrong, I love food. I just can only stand to eat so much of the same food for so long. If we have a pasta dish one night, we can't have any kind of pasta for the rest of the week. Same thing for chicken unless its a completely different way of cooking it.
This same thing goes for lunch food. Sandwiches in particular. I've tried to be good about this. Most days I've been able to scrounge up leftovers for myself for lunch. Then there are those days where there are no leftovers and sandwiches are it. PBJ, I can't do it anymore. Meat and cheese is a front runner. I needed something else. I didn't want to actually "cook" something for lunch. I needed tuna salad and I needed it STAT to resuscitate my sandwich aversion. Tuna salad requires a chopped pickle, some use relish..we didn't have that. I use a pickle. Sure you can leave out the pickle. I had already been down that road. This time I needed the pickle.

I had been wrestling with this pickle jar for weeks. It literally drove me batty (obviously). I'm normally pretty good about keeping my mental stamina and willing tough jars to open. You know, along with physically trying to open it. My mind is good but not that good. This one wouldn't budge. I was done with it and decided to show it a thing or two and so I did.

Now I admit that the second I hit the publish button; I was thinking what the heck kind of crazy person am I to drop all lunch preparation, pick up the camera to take a picture of my doings and then post it on the internet? Obviously that's me.

Thank you for finding this mildly entertaining, because it was really fun to just go for something on a whim and then think it kind of funny and that others may think so to. I wish I could do this for normal things that normal people do. Why be normal?


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Oh I am the same way about needing new things to eat - but it's more that I somehow get in the habit of eating something for a few days in a row and then all of a sudden can't stand the thought of eating it one day. So I try to keep variety in my meals so that I don't get to that point.

Hey the important thing is you got your tuna salad - really, that's all that matters. :)

Lawanda said...

The only things I seem to "need" to eat are sweets. WHY can't I crave good for me things?!?!

I am glad you shared. It made my day brighter, knowing that others do insane and funny things too!! hahaha


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