Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cold Turkey

They say it takes 30 days to break a habit or create a new good habit. A couple years ago I gave up Dr. Pepper. It was one of the hardest things to do mentally that I had ever done. The caffeine withdrawal the first week was the worst. Once I got through those first few days it was smooth sailing from there, even with the lead me not into temptation desire to have one when dining out or out socially.

Then on Easter Sunday, I sat down to Easter dinner and my mother poured me an ice cold glass of Dr. Pepper in celebration. It was the worst tasting thing ever. Yet I continued drinking it and grew accustomed to the taste again and then eventually back into the usual bad habit.
I admit there are so many other much worse addictions that people conquer everyday. I probably shouldn't even toot my own horn about something so menial. I just feel that the time has come for me to just quit it all together. It's not doing me any good at all and if anything it's hurting me.
Along with starting some better eating habits and drinking more water, giving this up is going to be my biggest challenge again. I almost hate myself for even thinking that I have to go through this again, when I was so over it not to long ago.
This does not mean I'm giving up caffeine. A Texas girl has to have her sweet tea. I'm not saying sweet tea is better than Dr. Pepper but it's got to be a touch healthier than those 23 mystery flavors that they put in DP. I wouldn't be surprised if nicotine was one of them.

I will say that I'd like to apologize now for putting the 2 possibly 3 DP employees out of work, since I will no longer be paying their salary. They may need some help at the Crystal Lite plant since that's where your salary will now be going.

I'm debating whether I will document my progress on a regular basis. I just don't like to get a pat on the back for something so trivial. If I was quitting smoking or drinking than you know I'd need your support. I know I can do it no sweat.
Just know that if I start blogging incoherently in the next few days (you know as opposed to the normal incoherent days) that I'm simply riding the caffeine withdrawal crazy train and should be back shortly.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

As a big time Dr Pepper fan I can say it is NOT trivial. Kudos to you for calling it quits. I used to give up sodas or caffeine for lent every year (not sure why as I'm not catholic). These days I try to have a "no soda in the house" rule - with our monthly game nights being the exception. So typically if we are a restaurant that has it, etc. then I will indulge in it. Although when I got pregnant I just gave it up all together along with the rest of the sodas. But I hugely look forward to future indulgences after BB is born.

Wow is that helpful at all? Probably not. Here let's try again - giving up soda is always a good idea. It is not good for you period. Juice, water, milk and yummy tea - is always better. The End.

I hope you weren't one of those ridiculous Diet Dr Pepper people.

Lawanda said...

It is hard to give up DP! YAY for you! Tea IS better for ya, even with sugar in it :)

Laurie said...

Good Luck says the girl currently drinking a Diet DP. I'd much rather be drinking the real thing, but it's a compromise.

Heidi said...

You gave up DP? Oh girl, I could never go there. Life is just too short. I am soooo proud of you and wish I had your strength. You should try the ones made from Dublin Texas with the real cane sugar. I mean, don't try them, because well, you gave them up and I am not going to be your enabler. But I can hook you up girl.

Jen said...

I'm a Coke Zero addict and I am once again trying not to drink it. I've decided to allow myself the occasional drink when we are out but I will no longer have it at home. I miss it dearly but I know it is so much better for me to stop drinking it. I'm trying desperately to love water but I'm not having much luck with that.


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