Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wordless Wednesday- Photo Christmas Card Decisions

You guys may recall that I pleaded for your help in deciding what photo(s) I should use for the Christmas card. Well it's time for the big reveal of my choices and it's up to you guys to decide. You helped me out last year and this year I've given you all a better selection. I'm such a giver.
Here are my selections in no particular order.
Set 1
This is the See No, Hear No, Speak No evil one. I thought this was a cute idea and am trying to think of a catchy title for the card. Guess Who's Been Naughty? Is kind of the lines I'm thinking.
Set 2
Item 2 was totally spontaneous on Gameboys part. I thought it was kind of cute.
Set 3

This one was the most "normal" one I could get. It's pretty cute.
I realize the sun completely washed this one out. Bummer
With the 3 separate pics I will do a card that has 3 pics. You guys probably figured that out since your smart like that.
I could not get Bossyboy to wear the hat. The pictures I had of him wearing the Santa hat were all of him frowning, even with threats and bribes. The negotiation didn't involve smiling only wearing the hat. He got me on that one. I'm thinking I'd might go with him wearing the hat at the computer, even though it doesn't show his face. Which the family would complain about.

I couldn't get the hat off of this kid. Good smile on him. He usually is all goofy faced.
You could call the above pics, set 4. Not including the over sunny one.

I hope you guys are still with me on this. I went a totally different direction on the next photos. These photos were taken in August and I love them. I blew them up and their hanging in my living room. Set 5

Since I only had 2 cowboys hats I didn't do a pic with all three together so these 2 are the best I've got. Since my previous laptop crashed and burned on me, these two are the only viable two that are photo card resolution sizable (if that made any sense).
Let me know if I'm over whelming you with choices. Do you now see why I need help? :)

This last one was totally unexpected and un posed-which always turn out the best in my opinion. If you can do a "shoot" where their having fun and not realizing it, you've got yourself a pic.
Set 6

Now get a cracking and tell me which I should choose. Christmas is 23 days away!


feather k said...

I like the 3rd santa hat one...

Krista said...

Oh, the Santa hats ones would be cute, especially the first one! ;) But I like the cowboy hat ones the best. They are top quality and really show the personalities in my opinion!
Shoot, now I'm wishing I hadn't used the "Santa" picture of my son on ours since he's not smiling and that's totally not his personality... :(

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

Okay so I love the idea of the first one but I think the third santa group shot came out better just visually... I love the cowboy hat pictures - they are so cute and all kids are looking at the camera and all that.

After that I'd go with the very last one - very cute. :)

Did I help at all? I kind of don't think I gave an answer hmmm...

Shayla said...

Okay, yes, there's so much to choose from...I'm thinking the three separate pics seems really cute. I also loved the cowboy thing. You could say something like "Stick 'em up...Santa's comin' to town". You know...something cheesy like that! They are all very cute.


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