Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Wears A Seat Belt

Yesterday Santa was to visit the town overs awesome library. Me being one not to miss a free opportunity with Santa and not having to head to the mall, took advantage.

I have never been a big fan of dragging young children to a crowded mall and wait in line forever to see the big guy and force my frightened children to sit on his lap for a picture. That to me would be hades on earth. It's actually been a couple of years since we've paid a visit. I wasn't sure how Bossyboy would react to the big guy, as he tends to shy away from new strange looking people that want to hug him and make him sit on their laps.

The older boys naturally bumrushed Santa almost to the ground. BB stayed back hesitantly and I wasn't going to force him. The big brothers wasted no time telling Santa what they wanted. BB took it all in but wasn't quite ready to make his requests. We left Santa to visit the library's digital bookmobile. They actually let you check out a digital book to download and after 2 weeks it deletes from your computer. I plan on reading Eclipse this's actually already checked out imagine that.

We decided to wait around for the MP3 drawing which they were doing every hour. We didn't win (I think I'm on some kind of giveaway curse) so we left. As we were leaving BB told me he didn't get to tell Santa what he wanted. Ecstatic that he chose to see Santa on his own, we let him have his conversation with Santa. He was so cute and serious talking to Santa. I'm such a bad blogger that I didn't bring the camera.

Today during his journal he wanted to draw a picture of Santa. Again I was ecstatic that he actually wanted to draw something other than scribbling. He made the man in the red suit and the first thing he said he needed to draw was Santa's seat belt. Makes perfect sense to me.

The objects to the left and right of Santa are not his pack o plenty. That would be to obvious. No, those are just ghosts chasing Santa. Even Santa needs someone to watch over him and make sure he wears his seat belt.

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shayla said...

Oh, I love it! That was such a cute story!


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