Friday, December 12, 2008

Reasonable & Reachable- The Plan For '09

This weeks Parent Bloggers Network blast who is in cahoots with Big Tent, asks how we're(me) going to get our(my) act together for success in 2009? This seems like a fantastic question since I hadn't really thought about it too much yet.

I always believe in striving for reasonable not unreachable goals for anything; whether it be New Years resolutions, work improvement, home improvement and health habits. Why set yourself up for failure, when mediocrity can make you feel successful?

My first main goal is to try and lead as a better example for the kids. When the kids see that I'm eating carrot sticks and celery instead of chips; I hope they will then want to follow in my example. The phrase "Do as I say not as I do" comes to mind on this. Why force your kids to eat their vegetables when you don't eat them yourself? I really think it's a very reachable goal and could be used in so many different ways.
I think the main focus will be healthy eating habit examples and drinking more water. This could be done as easy as having those carrots and celery with easy access to me and the kids, and the chips in not such easy access. Drinking more water would involve everyone having their own water bottle filled at all times and kept chilled in the fridge for yet more easy access.
Also just cooking with better ingredients with not so much processed food along with sneaking in some veggies in the food is doable.
This does not say I would be depriving myself of foods/drink I like. I would never give up Dr. Pepper for anything, but I can cut back on the two a day I do drink by drinking 1 can and halfing it to trick my brain to thinking I'm having two. Reasonable and reachable I think.

Another philosophy I have, since all of a sudden I've become some kind of knowledge minded Buddha about setting goals, is not setting to many goals. 5-10 goals in my book sets you(me) up for failure, unless your some kind of goal setting freak and you live for it, go for it. That's not me. The less goals I have the more better focused I can be on those imperative goals I feel I need to work on most. Because let's face reality- Goals = Work in my brain and I'm kind of lazy sometimes.
All this to say my next goal would be focusing on what's best for me and my family. This may seem like a strange goal but at this moment it's not. The past 3-4 months has been a big ginormous transition for me. I went from full time 40 hours a week working momma to full time 24 hours a day mom. I'm still trying to figure out how to "manage" my time. Some days I feel downright productive and others I look at the clock and it's already lunch time and I haven't done a darn thing but waste valuable brain cells on Scooby Doo and cat naps.
In the next 6 months my main focus is to get Bossyboy on a continuous home pre-school regiment. So far we're doing pretty good. Though I always feel there's need for improvement in one area or the other. Since I'm probably not your average run of the mill homeschool mom, I feel I can do the best with what I've got. I'm just always fearful that somehow we're going to fall to the wayside. Normal concerns I suppose.
I also have to think about whats next for me once all the boys start back in school next fall? Do I sit at home and blog twiddle my thumbs all day? There's only so much blogging cleaning and cooking a person can do. I realize this is a long term goal and things could change on a dime, like say I'm forced to have to go back to work (knock on wood I don't anytime soon) for whatever reason, but it is something I have to think about.
Finally,I would love to go back to school, even if it meant at first doing online classes. Yet I know I have to be reasonable as far as if it's in the budget and feasible.
My goals may seem a bit hefty but in (my) reality I think their pretty reasonable and obtainable, which is the main goal after all.

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