Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Nothing Like The Last Minute

There's nothing like the last minute to get me jump started back into the Christmas spirit.
I had planned to get a bunch of stuff done all day and other plans came up.
Hubs work had a big Christmas party thing for the kids including Santa. So we were there most of the morning/afternoon. That was supposed to be my cleaning baking time. Looks like it's now or never.

I'm currently baking pumpkin pie and trying to think of some other pie to make that involves cream cheese, cocoa, and or Oreos. A chocolate pie sounds really good but I don't have any actual chips or squares. I also don't have cool-whip. Which really hinders me on a lot of chocolaty creamy things. To late for a store run now. I should be shot for not getting Cool-whip for pumpkin pie.

I also need another "starchy" side. I was going to do scalloped potatoes but I don't think two boxes is enough. (What? I totally cheat when I can.) I thought of doing Mac & Cheese in the crockpot. Found a recipe and everything but I'm afraid it will curdle with 2% milk. I thought of doing macaroni salad but were not big on macaroni salad. Mmm...

I still didn't really get a gift gift for my MIL. I do have a framed pic of the boys and made some banana bread but that just doesn't seem like enough.

Santa's stop is going to probably not be overly impressive like years past. I'm trying to tell myself that this is totally ok. Hopefully they'll understand the true reason for the reason. I don't think they'll complain..much. The grandma's have also scaled back this year.

I think all and all this is the first Christmas were I've felt pretty relaxed and not over stressed. Sure I've got some indecisive side dish and dessert issues for Christmas dinner, but I figure if that's all, than I must be doing pretty good and truly blessed.

Oh, btw... Merry Christmas To All And To All Of Good Night!

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