Friday, December 19, 2008

A Little Santa OCD Never Hurt Anybody

My NKOTB BFF ( If you don't know what that means, I forgive you.) Heather did a post on her Santa OCD tendencies. I promised her I would do mine, well I didn't promise but she at least assisted me on the idea of writing my own post on it. Something like that.

My mother didn't have many OCD tendencies about Christmas. God bless her hard working nurse heart, she didn't have time for fun and games at Christmas. She was lucky to get the shopping done and get the presents wrapped and under the tree before I peeked. You guys all know that plan never worked out to well for her.

Since I know how crazy I am about surprises and finding them, I knew this gene may pass on to one or all of my children. I will have no son of mine snooping around their presents. Not if I can help it.

The first rule of Santa OCD: Each child gets their own wrapping paper. It's so much easier to keep things separated under the tree and keeping identities straight without them knowing whos is whos. Heather had the great idea of revealing the kids wrapping paper identity in their stocking. I know there's people with the OCD tendency to have all matching paper for the presents. Those OCD people bug me. Sorry if it's one of ya'll.

The second rule of Santa OCD: The children will "work" for their big Santa present. Last year I left clues all over the house, starting with the stocking and then taking them to the tree, upstairs, and then finally behind the TV where Guitar Hero was waiting. I think they had just as much fun running through the house finding clues as getting the present itself.

The third rule of Santa OCD: To wrap or not wrap Santa gifts. I will say that the hubs and I have fought about Santa's presents. He wants them ALL wrapped. I was raised where Santa didn't wrap he/she didn't have time. It was also how we knew what Santa brought and what was from mom and dad. I agree for the most part with this philosophy. The big item things like say a ikebay should be put together proudly to be displayed or hidden (to be worked for) under the tree. Besides what kid wants to wait another hour while dear old dad puts the ikebay together? Though the smaller stuff can certainly be wrapped.

The fourth rule of Santa OCD: The stocking is always opened first. Normally because there's clues to be found and other fun stuff like socks and undies.

The fifth rule: It's not really a rule but tradition, one present is allowed to be opened on Christmas Eve picked by me. I love to see the excitement on their faces and then when opened, revealing the ever coveted clothing item or pajamas. Oh how the greedy shall fall. :) You would think that they would remember after 8 and 9 years but nope.

Sixth Rule: Because I do have a tendency to forget which wrapping is which, my back up is the number system. Last year I did actually tag the gift with the numbers. I never do the numbers chronologically by age as that's to easy to guess. This is what they thought last year and were oh so wrong. This year I just did their initials but the initial is hidden somewhere on the package like under the bows. They have no clue whos is whos under the tree right now. I know the unknown is killing them. I love them checking out the present and asking who's this one for? As if son. There are also some presents that all 3 will play with, so those have their own wrapping...of course.

Tell me what fun things you guys do as Santa. Also I am looking for great clue hints for the ikebays. I'm planing on putting them right outside the back door. Last year my clues had a little rhyme on each one (this year my brain cells aren't quite as crafty) One was, Mirror Mirror on the wall who are the best boys of all? Then it would give more of a hint of where to locate the item (on the bathroom mirror upstairs).

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Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

Let's discuss how you and I were separated at birth and how we are not only NKOTB BFFs but also OCD Santa BFFs. We were meant to be together...

1. Yes. Own wrapping paper. However, I would go stark raving mad if EVERYTHING was in one paper. I think I would lose it. The stocking stuff is all wrapped too in the same paper. You should try it. It's fun.

2. I'm thinking about making them work for gifts this year. I love scavenger hunts. I think they are a lot of fun. My dad did them with me and his were clues as well that would direct us, so we had to not only think but figure it all out. I liked it. For the ikebays, I think you could again do clues, however, what if you did something where they would have to work together. I know!!!!!

Each clue has a letter on it. So when they find it, they have a letter. When all of them are found then they can put together the last clue (like a word scramble) but they have to work together. Clues are ripped into (kill me, I forget how many kids you have) however ever many kids you have (at least the first one) and each scrap is wrapped. That way, they can't start until all the pieces are found and put together... so they will have to think and work together. They will deserve the ikebays by the time they find them... I might have to put something into place like that for my clue.

After you decide to do this and you've spent HOURS trying to make it all work, and you're frustrated, you can thank me. But let me know how it goes.

3. Santa gifts MUST be wrapped. I side with your husband. Besides, Santa gifts could have their own paper and your things could have it's own paper. Christmas just goes too fast and there's no excitement if they are just laid out there for everyone to see. Do they want to open more presents or just play with what is already open and ready to be played with? I have to make it last as long as possible. I spent WAY too much money to not get the maximum enjoyment out of this.

4. Yes. The stockings must be opened first, but for me, it's so they know who's gifts are who's. Socks and undies are real gifts though at our house.

Side note. Did you know that there's elves at the North Pole and ALL they do is make socks and underwear? Learn something new everyday don't you?

5. We also do this, but because I'm cheap and let Santa do all the gift giving, they can select from something that is mailed to us from my mother or friends. Thankfully, someone's always mailed us something, but I've often wondered what would happen if there was nothing under the tree on Christmas Eve.

6. I love this idea. But what happens if you forget who's number is who's? I would. That's why one paper per child and the stocking is the give away. But I typically try to be gender specific. Last year Matthew's paper was green ornaments and Sam's was the same paper but it was red ornamnets. I also, after things are wrapped, put each child's wrapped gifts in a box so that I can't forget who's is who's.

If I'm this bad when I'm almost 32 can you imagine what it's going to be like when I'm REALLY old and trying to do Christmas for all my children, grand children and great grandchildren? Do you think the OCD will go away?

Ok, so this was the longest comment known to man. I'm glad my boss doesn't read your blog or he would know that I'm not working today. But he's off. So shouldn't I be too?


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