Saturday, December 27, 2008

I've Lost That Christmas Feeling

And it's gone gone gone...whoa whoa.

I debated about taking down the tree today and decided the boys would be distraught to see the tree gone before they got back from the grandparents. Then again they probably wouldn't think twice about it. Boys can be that way.

Here's some Christmas leftovers for ya. If your house is like my house and Toys R Us threw up all over and the fridge is stuffed with pies that only me and one other person will eat; than you will take understanding to the carnage that is beneath the tree.
The poor tree even looks like it's begging to take it out of it's misery.
Wonderboy was beyond ecstatic that he got the number 1 thing he wanted. Nothing else really mattered. Thank goodness. Is it sad that hubs and I stayed up late last night playing Lego Batman and beat it?
I was really excited to give Gameboy a Eli Manning jersey. He didn't ask for it and the thought never crossed his mind. I just knew that it was the "thing to have" for boys his age to root for their team. At least back in day it was.
At first he wasn't overly thrilled about it. "A shirt, mom?" After it sunk in what it was, he put it on and has yet to have taken it off. He can't wait to wear it to school and he never wants to take it off ever again.
Bossyboy was pretty easy to please. He wanted a race track and a bunch of cars. The race track is halfway put together. I guess I needed a Masters degree in Engineering to put the blasted thing together, so I gave up.
Santa also got him Lego Star Wars for the Wii and he was stoked about that, thankfully that distracted him enough to forget about the race track.

Hubs and I are enjoying our shortened vacation while the boys are at the grandparents. I'll be leaving tomorrow for the funeral. We've played with most of their toys and drove to the big mall and could never find a parking spot so we gave up. We're going to try again tomorrow, right when they open, as most good God loving Texans should be in church. Something tells me it won't make much difference.

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Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I'm glad your Christmas went well - Sunday night I couldn't fight it anymore and took the tree down, organized all MM's loot and this morning I cleaned the kitchen - I can breathe again. :)


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