Monday, November 10, 2008

Some Random Right Here Right Now

I'm glad you guys appreciate and embrace that which is the random. I just can't live without my random.

-I just returned from Wonderboy's ARD Meeting. Basically it's a meeting with all of the special ed teachers and staff that work with him during the school year. I was concerned that they were giving him work that was beyond his comprehension level. He's never even really worked with multiplication as he barely comprehends basic math like addition and subtraction. Thankfully they assessed the situation more thoroughly and now know what level he needs special attention in for math. I really thought they were just going to throw him in with the lions and fend for himself. I'm really relieved that has all worked out for the best. Sorry I just had to get that out.

-I mentioned how I enjoy spending time in the car pool line. Normally I'm in line all of 20 minutes and that's plenty of chill time for me. When we left the meeting a little before 2, there were already people in the car pool line. I was just shocked that people really don't have anything else to do but sit for over an hour in their car, just to be first in line. I wont judge but that's just crazy.

-On my little journey from the school, I noticed a park in our neighborhood that I had not seen. Needless to say, I had to drive by to check it out and low and behold it also has a swimming pool. The irony of it all is that the past few weeks have been beautiful for playing in the park (I just hadn't found it yet) and today it was cold and rainy. That's how my luck works. I'm just stoked that we have a park and pool in the neighborhood, not just the town but the housing addition I live in. It doesn't take much to thrill me.

-We have one science experiment down and one more to go. Wonderboy is doing magnets. It really helps that they give us an idea sheet to go off of. This school is really big on the math and science as the schools in East Texas focused more on reading and language.

-I'm really going to dread the next few years when I have three boys in school, all doing projects at the same time. I may get so good at class projects that I could put that on my resume. Project Manager on various science experiments pertaining to magnetic and chemical reactions. Oh yeah that's got a nice ring to it.

-My mother in law is already planning her visit for Christmas. I haven't even made set plans for Thanksgiving and she's already asking me the plan for Christmas. Slow down momma one holiday at a time.

-My dryer is still hindering my laundering duties. I'm so behind that I couldn't tell you how many days I wore the same pants in a row. I finally got a couple pairs of jeans damp enough to air dry. Nothing like wearing damp jeans on a rainy cold morning.

I think I'm good on the random for now.

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Anonymous said...

I would pay BIG MONEY if we had a pool.. 8 bajillion parks but we don't have a city pool. :-(


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