Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Couldn't Wait For Wednesday

Are you sick of Halloween pics yet? Good, neither am I.

Hubs decided that Batman and Robin could not be the dynamic duo with out the Bat Mobile. Lucky for us, we have the Mid Life Crises Mobile, that is a perfect temporary Bat Mobile.

I love this pic...cracks me up. Batman just has that look.

This was the only time we could get BossyBoy to wear the mask.

You ever have one of those slap your fore head moments? I always do and it comes to late. Yesterday it dawned on me that we should have made Gameboy the Joker. I actually was contemplating whipping up some last minute kind of ghetto Joker outfit and paint his face. It was 5:30pm and I slapped myself back into reality and told myself that he's perfectly happy being Indie and that this is not about me creating that perfect Halloween themed photo moment.

Since I'm beyond paranoid about trick or treating to early. I have issues I know. I told the boys we would not go until the first trick or treater came. It was getting around 6:45 and no one had come yet. We were a little nervous thinking that maybe it's against the homeowner association policy. With a sigh of relief the first one came and they were off with the hubs.
Bossyboy decided that just playing around in his costume all afternoon was good enough for him and he did not want to go trick or treating. This is from a boy who one Easter ate every piece of candy in all 3 of the Easter baskets. He looovvveess candy. Not even the thought of getting candy convinced him to go. So we stayed and he passed out candy and loved it. I was shocked that we had so many that we came this close to running out.
The two boys alone made a killing on candy, so a third bucket would have over did it. Hubs said there were "hundreds" of kids out. Someone even had a haunted house in their house. The boys had an awesome time.
This place may actually start to grow on me after all, someone gave out Almond Joys to both boys. I ate both.

**Updated with more pics to get it all out of my system**

P.S. Kailini is having a little post Halloween photo contest. Stop by for the other cute entries. 5 Minutes for Mom is also having a shin dig gathering for halloween you might want to check out.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! Did you get a new car?


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

lmao - we just watched Batman and Robin tonight, conicidentally, so these pictures cracked me up on two accounts - love the third one!

The Robinsons said...

Linked over from An Island Life...

Great costumes and pictures! LOVE the ones of Batman "driving" the car. They're gonna think those are awesome when they're in high school!

Shasta said...

I love the car pictures, that's just perfect!!

Jen E @ mommablogsalot said...

I'm loving all these pictures - their costumes are sooooo good! :)

KC said...

OH my goodness, the batman and robin in the car are the best shots I have seen this halloween season.. great pictures all of them.. looks like loads of fun.


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