Friday, October 3, 2008

East Texas Photo Documentary

On my return trip from OK, I stopped at the gas station and grabbed a disposable camera for Gameboy to take some pictures of our sights that we always see on the way home. That was our last trip through the back roads of OK and TX. I felt I needed to document it for posterity.

I'm going to apologize right now as a lot of the pics are the inside of my van while it was moving and it's a bit blurry-he's 9 and still my photo apprentice. Thankfully you don't see the disaster going in the floor.

The smallest sized mountains in America are in OK. I think my dad told me that once. We'll still see these mountains going the other way when we visit but this route has the prettiest scenery in my opinion. I had just pulled out on to the highway and paid my toll when my giant sized Dr. Pepper sprang a leak geyser. I was soaked all over and the only way to stop it was to gulp it down through the hole or tilt it a certain angle and hold the hole with my thumb. This makes driving miserable. Did I mention that there's only 2 major stops along the turnpike, 75 miles between each other?

My trusty navigator

The Red River. We love our river. It's neutral territory, there's a river rivalry here in these parts. Texas and Oklahoma have actually been in years and years of litigation of who actually "owns" the river. I'm not sure what the out come is at the moment. I would think they have let bygones be bygones and just state that it's a border and doesn't belong to anyone.

Have I mentioned that I've been to Paris? ...Paris Texas that is.

We'll miss these long horns.

A few points of interest of Tyler. Tyler is the Rose Capital of Texas. They even have a giant Rose festival and it's a big todo. This is one of many of the rose greenhouses. I have honestly never visited the rose gardens which are supposed to be just lovely.

I'm a bit out of order on this one. This is lake Fork and is a good hour before you get to Tyler. I've driven over this lake for so many years and it fascinates me to check out the lake conditions. Whether we're in a drought or have had flooding. I've seen that little bird island almost completely covered and I've seen where the water has receeded due to drought.

Fare the well old home.


Heidi said...

Oh that makes me sad and miss the ol East Texas. I have been to Tyler & Paris a few times. Nacogdoches mainly, since that's where I got my degree. Goodbye old home.

Lawanda said...

Oh those are great!! Bye old home place ;)

Anonymous said...

He did such an excellent job!

The Dr Pepper..that is when I would say "to hell w/ it" and open the window and dump it out.

The "mountains" and toll road freaked me out.

I drive w/out money so much..what happens if you get to a toll and you don't have any money? There are no toll roads anywhere near me although they want to make one of the bridges into ILL a toll..hope it doesn't pass.


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