Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where Has All The Random Gone?

It's been over a week since I've stirred in some random and we need to nip that in butt right now.

-I'm not sure what is wrong with hub's computer to not let me see blog content. It was fine last night before I went to bed. I've resorted to using the boys clunky computer and it's working great. Hubs hasn't been home going on three weeks. I'm thinking pages not loading properly on the Internet will be the least of his concerns. Thank you all for your concern..nice to know you guys are looking out for my best interests.

-I have a stalker. I believe she has actually commented before and I've stopped by her place. Thing is if you don't stop by to say Hi frequently; I sometimes forget about you and forget to bookmark you. I found her stalkingness kind of cool. Waves at my stalker. :)

-You guys might remember my garage clean up challenge from a million years ago. I was doing it for Boo Mama's challenge which I've totally forgotten what it was called. Anyways she procrastinated on her project just as bad as mine. I can say that my garage looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself. Where's the picture proof you ask? My camera is with hubs. Once he gets home Friday the proof will be gone as it will be filled with boxes for the move.

-I am enjoying the SAHM lifestyle. Of course I'm only technically 1 week in. I've tried to plan something special for Bossyboy and I to do daily, after that most of my day if filled with packing and taxi driving.

-I can say that since being home my laundry is caught up way more than it ever has. This in itself is awesome..and I will say, it has nothing to do with the fact that this is all related to the move...ahem..maybe..maybe not.

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The Mom said...

Am I said stalker? Because I stalk a lot. I worry that people won't like that I am reading their blogs, so I don't comment too much. How do you know when you have a stalker?


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