Thursday, August 7, 2008

Test...123 vewy vewy quiet...I'm blogging at work....
It's actually working today, which means it won't next week. Go figure- I test this theory out 3 minutes before I leave.
Since I'm at work I'll just mention a few snippet things since I can.
-My schedule is back to somewhat normal. This makes me happy and less stressed.

-Speaking of stress; all week has been "stress reducer" week at work. Today we had to sit through a luncheon conference thingy on ways to relieve stress (snore). Don't they know that the cheapest therapy/stress reducer ever is blogging? I guess that'll be our little secret.

-Hubs starts the new job the 18th and can I say that I'm over anxious to get this whole thing going. Yet I have to sit around still and wait for however long until he is ready. One good thing is that my sweet parents are taking the boys that week. Which means:She's got the whole house to her self, she's got the whole house to herself. She's got the whole house to herself.
**why yes, I did just break out in song**

-Can I also say that there's nothing sweeter than being able to blog again at work? Atleast for now.

Now back to my regularly scheduled hiatus already in progress....


Lawanda said...

Thanks for checkin up on me, even in your hiatus ;)

And You always make me giggle, you know that? The fact that you actually broke out in song, it just means a lot to me ;) hehehe

Anonymous said... kill me

Rhea said...

If I didn't blog at work, I wouldn't have a blog!!


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