Sunday, August 3, 2008

Never Fear Friends, Random Girl Is Here..

I have exactly less than 4.2 seconds to post this.. the hubs is going to play Indie Jones on the Wii with me, so I'll be quick and of course never to the point.

-Don't you just love my random post titles? It doesn't take much to amuse me...even if it's less than mediocre

-We were having our weekly sabbatical at BB last evening. I was totally ready to rock on guitar hero Arrowsmith and as I got ready to play; the menu selection was only in demo mode which were the exact demo songs on the GH3. At the precise second I realized this, some dude (early twenties, cute version of Napolean Dynomite) came up and said the same thing. I looked at him a bit shocked and bummed out and started to put Gibson away and he took it from me. So I sauntered over to Mario Kart for the Wii. He started playing Hit Me With Your Best Shot in expert mode. He of course would have put me to shame-so it was probably a good thing I gave it up. This dude was totally flirting with me asking me how I liked Mario Kart on Wii. ??? At first I didn't realize he was actually talking to me since I'm a good 10 feet away and so not his type then there's that whole married with children thing. Anyways I was trying to act all cool and tell him that I wasn't really impressed with the steering wheel, as it seemed to hinder me if I'm some nerdy expert on the Wii..which could be possible. Again it takes very little to thrill me.

-Wonderboy scared the beejebus out of me at dinner last night. He choked on a chip. The thing was he could talk just fine. I thought maybe it just kind of scraped his throat. He kept crying and saying it was stuck. I took him to the bathroom unsure really what to do and thinking am I gonna have to call 911. You might remember the last time I tried out my ninja lifesaving skillz..ahem I was no help whatsoever.

Thank the good Lord he finally was able cough it up. This issue took me back to the nightmare days of calling 911 to many times when he was a baby.

Then tonight I drove all over too big for your little britches city looking for this elusive birthday party for Gameboy. Normal people call and invite a kid to a birthday or better yet send an invite that has the details written down on it (genius idea I tell ya) this kid came to our house late last night and entered our home and sat down. Us thinking ok he came to play,,his parents just dropped him off unannounced? Turns out his mother had sent him in to invite GB to his birthday. All the details I got from my hubs and child was it's at Pizza the Hut at 5:30. Now if your city is like my city, you probably have half a dozen Pizza the Huts. After eliminating the obvious Pizza the Huts that are carry out or delivery only, I came to the conclusion that it had to be just this one particular Hut.

So I drove like a banshee to get GB, pickup the all creative gift card and search the town over for this birthday party. I even drove to Pizza places that did not include Hut in it, thinking like most typical males they heard Pizza and that's all they needed to know. We never did find this particular Pizza the Hut. (whispers) besides Pizza the Hut is kind of a lame place for a birthday party since they don't have video games or a party like atmosphere-I'm just sayin.(whispers)

Needless to say $12 in gift card money wasted and lord knows how much gas later we had our own pizza party and are now trying to unlock the worlds of Indie Jones.

Yeah sorry for the endless ramble on this one.


Lawanda said...

Jeanie, I love your posts! hahahaha

HEy, I adore it when young men hit on me. I brag about it for years. What else do I have to brag about, I ask you? ;) hehehe

And I am so sorry about the stuck chip. That would scare me too. And sorry about the wasted gas. That would totally tick me off! I generally do not go to parties unless I have an invite (with directions) in my hand. And I live in a Podunk town! LOL (Podunk town in which I constantly get lost, being the directionally challenged person that I am!)

Heidi said...

Your brain works a lot like mine. I like it. And the last random guy that hit on me, was the drive through window at McDonalds. I don't think I will be leaving hubby any time soon, unless of course he gets promoted to manager, then we'll talk.

Anonymous said...

Random Works...
SO..did you ever figure out where the party was?

Jen said...

Ooh a cute Napolean Dynamite flirting with you...sounds like my kind of party. Can I be invited next time??!!


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