Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wonder Mom Defeats The Time Bandit

With extra eyes in the back of her head, ultra sonic hearing, and eight extra sets of arms; Wonder Mom is on the job!

When we last left our hero the wonder children were crying for a snack before dinner; while Wonder Mom was precariously trying to defrost the frozen meat with her super micro waved meat defroster. Her arch nemesis Time is against Wonder Mom, as she must get a healthy dinner served and eaten before taxiing the Wonder Kids off in the turbo jet wonder car, to get to all 3 Wonder Kids to their super hero extra curricular activities on time. Will she make it folks or will the dreaded Time Bandit hold her back? Stay tuned to find out...

While the seconds are ticking down; the super micro waved meat defroster has become victim to the freezing death grip of dinner, Wonder kid 1 has lost one of his speedy hero shoes, and the super hero clothes are waiting patiently in the speedy clothes heater to be folded and put away. Wonder kid 2 has just announced he must have 20 dozen super snacks that must be gluten free, sugar free, and chemically dyed free for super hero school the next day.

Our hero has now been captured by the binding constraints of her worst enemy: TIME! Whatever will she do now?

Don’t fret friends, according to Wonder Mom’s 4 year old; “Mom’s a trained professional.”

Without a bat of an eye, Wonder Mom whips out her PBJ back up plan of attack for dinner. She uses her mental telepathy powers to locate the missing speedy hero shoe. It of course was under the bed in Wonder kid 2’s room, buried under various super hero toys and clothing. The pesky super hero clothes are placed in a time suspended state until Wonder Mom can get back to them. What about those 20 dozen super snacks for school? She's on it of course, she'll pick up a big veggie tray at the super store. Wonder Mom and the kids our off in the turbo jet in the nick of time as another crises is saved until another day.

This is a submission for the July Writing Contest at Scribbit.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

LOL - I like your take on this! :)

Scribbit said...

Okay I love the point of view you used on this--"our hero"--very creative!


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