Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Admit I Was A Bit Hormonal Yesterday

I tend to get a bit stressed out when I've been working going on 9 straight days in row. I'm sure I'll be a picnic by Friday. Sorry Hon.

The vague thing is sorta kinda getting closer to the reveal. A lot of you are so close- yet so far away on the guessing. Keep up the good work.

I had a few thoughts on BlogHer that I wanted to share. Not that it's relevant since I won't be attending, but thought I'd mention it anyway.
What does one do when finally meeting a bloggy buddy or even perhaps a celebrity blogger? Do you hug someone you've never met in real life? I myself am not a hug initiator, even people I know in real life and haven't seen in awhile, I don't tend to go for the hug. Though I'm all about reciprocating the hug. I'll give a hug back in a heartbeat. Don't expect it to be firm, but it will still be meaningful. I'm just weird like that.

I guess I don't want to feel all a fool if I'm going in for a hug and that person doesn't reciprocate cause their not a hugger. Awkward.

Shaking hands with a girl seems awkward to me too. I'm not sure why, though it seems like the more easier approach when meeting a stranger who you've only met on the blog.

This my friends is the random thoughts that go through my head as I toss and turn at night. I'm actually stressing about an action that I shouldn't even remotely be stressed about. I totally get all of this from my mother.
Let's just say I'd be a total wreck if I were actually going to BlogHer.

BlogHer 2009 here I come!


Anonymous said...

When I met Bri for the first time I think we hugged.. I hugged Bossy but I didn't hug any of the other bloggers cause I didn't know then who the hell they were.
By the end of the night though Tempered Woman licked me..

Hopefully we'll ALL go in 2009..please be someplace cheap..how about Kansas City??

Anonymous said...

PS..I'll hug you and if your lucky a kiss too! (not french though, that would be gay)..(not that there is anything wrong with that)


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