Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Can You See Me Now?

This morning it was rainy and dark. Two ingredients that don't fair well when I'm driving, especially when I'm trying to merge into traffic and I don't have a passenger side mirror. I have enough problems in broad daylight.
During our little Vegas vacation my dad side swiped something in the mom taxi, totally scraping the side of the car and sending my side mirror to oblivion. Mom walked up and down our street looking for it and never did find it. Anyways they felt terrible about it and yada yada their insurance took care of it and nothing going against them. Which was good cause we weren't going to report it if it was, as there were those whole teen years they had to endure with my driving. Not that I totaled cars or anything, but I had my share of dents here and there..anyways back to the story..
So it's rainy and dark and I'm having a heck of a time trying to see to merge, as I don't have a passenger side mirror (yet) and when craning my neck to actually be able to see, all I could see was a giant van right behind me, on coming traffic not so much. This van reminded me a lot of that van from the Altell commercials with the wizard on it..not that this was pertinent information, I just thought I'd mention it for visual effect.
I'm patiently waiting and hoping that maybe Mr. Van will go ahead and merge into traffic as I'm in the center median and that he will go around me cause he's sick of waiting on me and then enabling me to see. Instead he honks at me like a super freak.
I'm getting frustrated as I scootch along the center median and saying I can't see...I can't see. Gameboy pipes up "I can see perfectly fine." all smart aleckie. That's when I began to lose it and yelled "I CANT SEE!"
Mr Van finally went around me still nailing it on the horn and I was then finally able to get out into traffic.
Of course the boys get all freaked out and start asking "Can you see now mom?"

I get the oldest dropped off at their summer haven and Bossyboy as I'm pulling into the parking spot for him asks timidly "Can you see me now, mom?" "Good."


Jen said...

Do people really think that beeping is going to solve anything? Does it make them feel better about themselves to do this?

I can totally relate to this story because my rearview mirror fell off the window yesterday because of the extreme heat we've been having. Let me tell you, it is not easy to drive without a rear-view mirror. I went and put the kit to fix it this morning.

Lawanda said...

Awwww! I hope you get your vehicle fixed soon. It would be really hard to drive without all my mirrors!


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