Monday, June 16, 2008

A Little Bit Of Randomness In My Life..

I couldn't start or end the week without jotting down a few random nothings. It would just be wrong, and would go against what this blog is all about.

-I'm pooped after serving the king hubs his father's day dinner. I think I used every baking dish I had, to not only make father's day dinner but also a future dinner for this week and hub's favorite peanut butter cookies. It's not every day I go crazy in the kitchen, but I have been on a lazy strike the past couple of weeks.

-Speaking of cooking I really need to get back in the habit of Menu Plan Monday. My plan is usually pretty weak and lame and I can't get access to Org Junkies site at work. Yeah that's my excuse and I'm stickin to it.

-I took Gameboy to work with me this past weekend. He had asked if we had a take your kid to work day and the answer was no we don't, but he would probably be bored out of his mind. I promised he could come to one of my half work days as he wouldn't last a full 8 hours. We did get a slow spurt and watched endless clips of The Muppet Show on You Tube. He got a kick out of it.

-Funny how work lets me log onto You Tube but not my own blog; unless I want to comment but not on a blogger platform. They probably haven't caught on to what WordPress and TypePad is. Wondering if that would be reason enough to switch.. There really is no rhyme or reason to their Internet restrictions.

-My boys will be headed up to my parents for two weeks. Please say a little prayer for my dear sweet parents. They haven't taken the boys for a two week stretch before (only a week) my mother insists on taking them to swim lessons, which I agree, they just never have it scheduled that's at a convenient time for me. Anyways so that's the plan and the lessons are two weeks long. I really hope they can hadle them for that long. Even I haven't dealt with all 3 boys at the same time for 24 hour straight periods for two straight weeks. It's really a sad concept when you think about it.
-I have no clue what I'm going to do with myself when their gone. My ultimate hope is to completely overhaul our garage that is filled to the brim with crap and maybe get my carpet steam cleaned. I figure when the kids are gone a clean carpet may last a day or two longer than normal.

-I finished re reading Pride and Prejudice. I think I read it in high school but it might have been Sense and Sensibility. Anyways I have a few more books on my list to read that I hope to complete while the boys are away.

-Just in case you guys were dying to know what I spent my gift card on. I know the suspense is killing you. I bought the book Water For Elephants from Amazon. I'm just a sucker for a cheap book, especially one I want to read. I also got a couple of shirts from Target, that I considered taking back. They never are quite as cute as they look online. They were also cheap and on clearance so I probably won't. $50 doesn't go very far anymore these days.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I don't get my work's restrictions either. I can get on YouTube and most blogs I've tried. But not Twitter, and we can only access Gmail through the Firefox notifier plug-in, not directly. Weird! :)

Lawanda said...

I have been good at posting my menus... cooking them, not so much.

So did you like P&P?!?! It is one of my all time faves. :)

Anonymous said...

2 weeks???

OMG you can get going on a new wonderchild? :-)

Anonymous said...

OH..Water For Elephants was one of my FAV's of last year. Loved it!


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