Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Randomness

Yes it's Tuesday and that means it's time for my daily weekly spouting of randomness.

-The Sonic giveaway is coming along. Everyone is playing nicely and following the rules. They are also making me totally crave Sonic. I've even thought about using that giftcard for my own use and getting another, but I shall refrain cause that would be silly.

-Gameboy has been barraged with study guide stuff for the Math TAKS test. We've been studying clocks, thermometers, and word problems until my brains about to explode. Did I mention both of us are dunces when it comes to math? It's really sad when I question a fraction problem because they made it a trick question. This is 3rd grade math folks..I hang my head in shame.

-We've been really busy at work..barely time to breathe kind of busy..btw no new news.

-I'm stressing on what I'm going to do for the boys during summer. I was to late for summer sign ups at their after school care, simply because I procrastinated. I'm second in line on the waiting list. They assured me that people do actually drop out. Ahem maybe if they win the lottery or something and don't have to work anymore.

-I'm happy to announce that there will be no posts on birthdays this week. However our 10 year anniversary is in a few weeks..so there's always that. Thrilled yes?

-I'll throw in some more Spring pics of the boys..cause Im proud of my ninja picture taking skillz..

That's all I got for now. Peace out my peeps.


MP said...

Go to my blog..I have a link to a photo contest..you MUST enter then one w/ the three boys turned around..well I like the bottom one too.. Well go enter one of them!

VERY cute!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!

As a school teacher the one thing I hate most about public schools is the way they teach the test to kids! It just makes my blood boil. I say teach the children the state's cirriculum and test them at the end of the year with out any added stress or pressure. For heaven's sake they are children not college students! I have had more debates with principals over how wrond it is to teach the test. I should or could start my own blog on this rant!


Lawanda said...

Oh I love them ALL!!! What gorgeous boys you have! Lovely pics!!!!!!!

Krista said...

Your pics are adorable! I especially like the last one... it's got some attitude! It really helps that you dress them all alike in plain colors. Makes great photos!


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