Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fear Is Not A Factor For These Guys


Here's The Fear Factor Set Up. I also had caution streamer along the walls which looked like roped off police tape. I streamed straight across the pics hanging on the wall.
Worm Cake Anyone?
First game was busting balloons full of shaving cream to see who goes first.

Time for the feast of sheep brains, pig bile and monkey toes. The boys were really good at guessing what the real food was. The worst tasting was the pig bile (veggie baby food on a cracker). They loved the monkey toes which were vienna sausages and ketchup for the toenails.
Mmmmm Brainz
The boys had a blast. There were some other gemes dealing with slime and dog bones.I didn't get pics of those as I was kind of busy. I hope their parents don't kill me as they were soaking wet when they came to get them. Water balloons of course. The boys all said that it was the best birthday they ever had been to. This was the first year I actually went out with a theme and party games ect. Would you believe I have to party again next week? Sigh!
Here's the pooped out momma. That's my normal blog posting hangout.


MP said...

I LOVE that bottom picture...
I always loved Dirt was a trend in my family for a while..served in the clay flower pots...
Once I unpack...Get this...I got your little something..then I package it all up!!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Looks like they had fun! :)


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