Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Got A Whole Lot Of Nothin Done This Weekend

As I mentioned in a previous post, this weekend was the weekend to finish up the CubScout car. Needless to say it took up 98% of my weekend. We are almost finished just gotta add the wheels.
I must say that it's looking pretty good and the workshop helped tremendously. Hubs thought I was insane for getting up at the crack of dawn to work on the car. Hey I will get up at the crack of dawn any day if it means my his car will actually look like a decent car. GB and I both actually learned a lot and were pretty gosh darn proud of our car. Pic to come soon, hopefully with a trophy in tow.

In order to fufill my Valentine obligation to my husband, I fixed him a ribeye steak and lobster bisque. For about 20 bucks, I'd say I did pretty good for myself. Hubs liked it as it was gone before I could barely sit down to eat mine. Am I the only one on the planet that is always last to actually sit down and eat a meal? After playing waitress and then cooking my food last, since I don't actually like to eat my food stone cold, everyone else is done by the time I'm ready to eat. Then their asking is there more mom? Can I have dessert now? Ugh!

Hubs and I are off work tomorrow. Kids have to go to school. HA! It's kind of funny cause the work answering machine will say, "In order to spend time with our families on Presidents Day our office will be closed." I know I always look forward every year to honor some dead Presidents by spending it with my family. I for one will be spending it with my hubs in Shreveport contributing to strengthen the economy. Nothing helps to "boost the economy" better than throwing a few dollars into the slot machine.

Hope ya'll had a great and productive weekend!


new diva on the blog said...

Short order cook and waitress two of my favorite job titles to be sure!

kristi said...

It never fails that everytime I sit down to eat, TC yells, "I'm pooping, I need somebody to wipe my hynee!" Good thing I don't have a weak stomach!


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