Tuesday, February 5, 2008

He Drives Me Crazy

I love my husband to death and he would say the same for me, but we drive each other freakin crazy. Case in point the last few days...
He gets on these "kicks" where he wants to cook. Which is fine and dandy and it's usually edible ok. Here's the clencher he likes to dirty every friggin pot and pan in the kitchen. Who gets to clean it? That would be moi. I get the kitchen semi cleaned up and he's back in there cooking again. Now I'm going to admit right here that he offers to clean it up. But since I have such crazy freakoid control issues, I can't let him do it. The main reason is, I have no confidence it would be finished. Thats really it. I'd rather it be my mess that I didn't finish than his mess that he didn't finish cleaning. I know I totally have issues.

Today he made cod when I came home and it smelled like well fish all through the house. Good thing I'm not preggers or this would not be tolerated. Now I came home before getting the kids and ate the cod since he so kindly cooked it for me..gulp. We left to get the kids came back. I cleaned up the kitchen to hopefully get rid of the smell and now he's back in there cooking something else. Fajitas or something. Needless to say we have a lovely surf and turf aroma going on here. But I love him to death anyway and I can't say he never tries.

Since Karma is a B*, I have to drive him nutso crazy right back. We have a sharing loving relationship that way.
The reason why hubs has been cooking like a maniac, is he discovered the grocery store that we haven't been to in forever remodeled and now everything is out in the open and it's like a mini farmers market/fish and meat market all in one local. He was so excited about it that he couldn't wait to show me. Hence why I came home first to get him so he could show me.
Now this revamped store is pretty cool its all right there and they put in a cafe/coffee shop and it's real metro. The thing is, there is absolutely no easy way of manuvering through the aisles with all this stuff just out. It's all great and everything but not when your herding cattle kids and trying to manuever through produce, meat, and every other person in the store. Needless to say we got into a "discussion" about that. We left the dicussion as you shop at your store and I'll shop at mine.
I love that hubs of mine but there are just days when I have to ask when is your next trip to England? Cause it ain't soon enough.

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Krista said...

Ha ha ha ha! I have your same cleaning issues! I have finally convinced my hubby that while I say home and "do nothing" all day with my 10 month old that doesn't mean he gets to come home and do nothing all night (and that means play his computer games) without a little bit of help. So dishes have become mostly his territory. Unfortunately his idea of dishes is usually whatever is in the sink. Meaning that all pots and pans on the stove don't get washed, counters don't get wiped, and my personal pet peeve, the drains in the sink never get cleaned out! However I'm trying not to complain as he is getting better! Although this morning I came out to find that in order to find space in our minuscule kitchen to make his breakfast he had simply piled everything in the sink, including the frying pan with a quarter inch of left over sauce from last night poured all over everything. Yum...


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