Friday, February 15, 2008

Day Off

I took some comp time off today simply because were off on Monday and I wanted to start the weekend off right. I figure for sure I'll get some housework done or atleast tell myself I will. I never seem to carry through with the whole take off a day to get stuff done idea. I usually end up getting nothing done. Oh well.

We really don't have anything planned for the weekend. The major thing we have to get accomplished is Gameboys pinewood derby car for CubScouts. If you missed the post from last year about our tirade with the car, you probably didn't miss much.

I have no skills when it comes to wood work. Last year's lame attempt at building the car left it looking like my mini van painted black with flames on it. Hub's philosophy is he should do it himself. Which is great other than the fact my son being humilated because his car looks like a piece of block on wheels compared to the other boys dad's cars, doesn't sit well with me. Which has nothing to with the fact that I have control issues about these thing and must take over. Nope nope no sireebob not me, no issues here.

Tomorrow were going to the CubScout workshop at some dude's house that has all the power tools we need. I figure we bring our car and template and the dad's will cut it out for me him. Ahem, because it's all about him, my son who will be doing this car on his own...ahem.

Other wise nothing else exciting going on.

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