Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Word.doc Prayer

I got this idea for a post from Shalee, who sends hilarious troubleshooting tickets to her IT department and blogs about it. I'm not sure how well that idea would go over at my office, so I'll just stick to just blogging about it.

We are gathered today in this great sanctuary of the internets, to pray over our dear friend Word.doc, who has lost it's way from it's loving saviour Windows Operating System.
Word.doc, why do you refuse to accespt your Windows operating system as your "saviour"?
There is plenty of free space in the CPU kingdom for you, and all of Windows documents are welcome, yet you still refuse to be saved. You with your errored ways of rejection. If you repent of your wicked errors by rebooting as reconciliation and accept Windows as your Operating System saviour, it will guarantee you a place in it's vast CPU kingdom forever.
For thine is the kingdom of CPU , the Windows power, and saving files to memory forever. Amen

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