Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Finally A Post That Has Nothing To Do With GH3

The Binky B had a great post on how she found out she was preggers. Since I dig that kind of thing and really needed some blog fodder and she begged asked me, I happily obliged.

Hubs and I were married right at 3 months when my punctual period was late, were talking just a few days. I was in X Ray school at the time and was excessively tired and flu like. I assumed it was stress from the long hours of clinicals and studying. After a week of the ick I pretty much knew what was up. I didn't even take a test with this one, I went to the clinic a few weeks later and low and behold they told me what I already knew. It took me forever to get the nerve to tell my parents..even though we were already married. Sadly there wasn't any kind of anxious excitement to tell hubs. If I recall hubs was the one that straight up asked me "Are you preggers?" Needless to say the honeymoon ended pretty quick.

Wonderboy was also a surprise. We'd just gotten moved to Texas and settled with hubs new job and our new baby. Gameboy was about 5-6 months old and low and behold punctual period was late again. The instant I'm pregnant the morning sickness sinks in for me. Again I knew right off what was up, and again I didn't take a test as this time I was in complete and udder denial. I was a good 14 weeks before I went in. That first visit in itself is a post by it self. I'm saving it for The Worst Valentines Day Ever post. Fun times!

Bossyboy was probably the "best" surprise. After all my issues with Gameboy, I assumed that I either would have a really hard time having another one and would really have to work at trying or I just wouldn't probably conceive again, especially after just using birth control on and off for 4 years. I was driving back from a visit to OK by myself and the whole time I felt like crap. I hadn't really kept to much track of my period and didn't really put the two together. The next couple of days I wasn't feeling any better. I finally put two and two together and casually mentioned to a co-worker friend that I thought maybe I could be pregnant since the symptoms were adding up. She told me to get a preg test at lunch and find out. The one thing I remember is that when I went to the grocery store to get a test, I had to stand in line at the service counter and order it over the counter. I was not pleased about this. Why in the heck do I have to get it over the counter? Why can't I just get it off the shelf and be on my way and go? I guess they were having a rash of stolen pregnancy tests. I took the test and it was instantly on positive no need to wait around. My co-worker friend still brags to this day that she was the first to find out. I honestly don't even remember how I told hubs, I'm not sure why this bit of detail evades me. I know what's the thrill in that?

Well that was probably way more information than you wanted to know about my punctual periods. If you write about your un punctual periods let me know. If you want to read more about un punctual periods you can check out Swistles blog.


jennifer said...

I don't know why at some places you have to ask for the test! It's so embarrassing. (And I'm not sure why it's embarrassing...maybe because it's proof that you've had s-e-x!)

kristi said...

I never had regular periods so when I mentioned being late to my Mom, she MADE me go buy a test and lo and behold, I found out #2 was on the way!


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