Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shopping, Crafting, and Baking oh my!

It's been a fairly productive weekend even though I don't feel like it's been. I left early on Friday in hopes of helping Santa's elves out with the toy purchases. That didn't go as planned. For some reason about every other intersection in town had an accident and it was just forever and a day getting anywhere so by the time we had got going it was time to get the boys.
I did however drag my oldest to Kohl's with me later that night to catch all their madness sales. It wasn't crazy busy at all which allowed me to prance through the aisles at my sweet leisure. Since Wonderboy went with me to pay his dues for a punishment, I think that he'd rather scrub toilets with a toothbrush than shop, he was dying. I made sure to purchase a few bras in the underwear department to intensify the punishment. I think he'll think twice about doing what he did next time. He did help me to make a few purchasing decisions. I've got him pretty well trained up for his future wife a million years from now. He knew exactly when to tell me something looked beautiful on me.
I also organized the top shelf in the laundry room and the craft cabinet. Every time I walked in there I just knew I was going to be knocked unconscious by an unidentified falling object. Sorry no pics. I know you guys live for that kind of stuff.
I got a few little craft projects done. With Christmas coming it just really inspires me to craft and bake. I keep going back and forth on exactly what kind of sweet goodies I'm going to make. It doesn't help that people keep posting great recipes. I'm looking at you PDub! I have to make these sugar cookies now! It's like the sugar cookie gods were watching over me and knew I was on a quest for a great/easy sugar cookie recipe. Did I ever tell you she's my hero? Yeah I thought so.
That's all I've accomplished for the weekend. I'm freaking out just a little bit because Christmas will be here before you know it. I don't count down by the days but by the weekends. Two weekends left! The one right before it doesn't count cause mother superior my MIL will be here. So I really only have one weekend. I didn't get a lot of house work done this weekend so all my cleaning and baking will have to be done next weekend. EEEEKKK!!


Capturing Today said...

Hey! You're one of the winners in my Ugly Mug Coffee giveaway from last week - please check your email and respond by the end of today or I'll have to pick another winner!


Krista said...

Stinkin' hilarious that you made your son go shopping with you as punishment!!! I love that you also made sure to buy underwear... :)

I'm so not ready for Christmas... and we're leaving this weekend for the in-laws so I officially have one week to be done. And I really haven't started. Yikes!


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