Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm not one to toot my horn ever...

I'm not one to toot my own horn ever especially to total strangers, but today something crazy came over me. This morning I made a mad dash to big box electronics store to get the coveted Sonic vs Mario Olymics for me the boys. I scoured looking for the coveted game and couldn't find it. :( This grandmotherly lady came through the Wii aisle asking the helpful clerk if they possibly got a shipment of Wii's in. I almost snorted out loud. Of course not lady this is the freakin Friday before Christmas there won't be a Wii in sight til Valenitne's. The clerk didn't say it that way but I'm sure she was thinking it, I know I was. I of course had to add salt to the wound by smirkingly mentioning that I got MINE in October. I think she really appreciated that I mentioned that. We both left the store empty handed as they didn't have my the boys game they wanted either.
I came home and mentioned to hubs about the poor desperate grandma trying to find a Wii and hub's being the one to spread the Christmas cheer mentioned that I should have told her I could have sold her mine the boys for $700. I said she probably would have paid a grand.
I can just imagine my kids waking up on Christmas morning and opening their coveted games only to find out mom and dad sold the Wii. Somehow I think a revolt of some kind would ensue. Their precious Wii is safe cause ain't nobody getting between me my boys and their Wii, not even..cough cough a cool grand.
My darling MIL is also on a quest to find a coveted item..Guitar Hero 3. We've tried several hundred times to explain to her that this particular game is not compatible with our console, yet somehow she hasn't gotten that through her head. Yet she's the type that will go above and beyond to find her grandsons this coveted item. Sigh! The things a person will do to ensure happiness and joy at Christmas. I keep asking myself I wouldn't go above and beyond to get my kid a coveted item at Christmas, at what point does one think I would do it for my grand children as well? I maybe eating crow on this last statement, it's not like it's documented or anything, it's only between me and the internets. ;)

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