Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I admit I've been a little Scroogie...

The past couple of weeks my thought process has been all about me. Whether it was getting my tenured bonus and only wanting to spend it on me and trying to eliminate the guilt that it could have went to other things like I don't know, paying off the Kohls card instead. My mentality is as soon as I'd pay I'd just end up using it up again, and at least this way I'm not paying any interest.
I also have just been really cranky about the state of my house. I wont go into detail but reinforcement may be required, as the moment one battle has been defeated another attack has happened elsewhere in the house.
Hubs is wanting to help out a friend of ours by taking care of her parents dog(s) while they get some issues taken care of. I of course went ballistic as well I can't even handle the troops I have in house now much less another plus that which is the company that is coming! I also don't want to be a "B" and be the one that makes things more difficult for them when they're already having a difficult time as it is. So I'm kind of in a funk on this one.
I realize that there are thousands and thousands of people out there right now dealing with one kind of issue or another. Whether it be the flooding on the Pacific West, ice storms in the Midwest-thank goodness were just south enough to miss it all. My parents still have power for now but it's been touch and go. The satellite dish of course is out as it's frozen solid. Then there's people who are not even really going to have any kind of Christmas due to other reasons of difficulty. Here I have to sit and complain and belly ache about my stupid pointless rants.
Ok I think I've got it out of my system now. Please carry on with you're happy merry holidays, I'll just be huddled in the corner with my English chocolate blubbering something about, "that I am a good person, I really am." "Please ghost of Christmas future don't show me my dark and daunting grave!"

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jennifer said...

I've been a bit scroogy myself lately. The guilt associated with being scroogy is making my scrooginess even worse.

Merry flippin' Christmas.

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch


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