Sunday, November 4, 2007

He's Baaack!

Hubs flew in this afternoon from England and boy are his arms tired. -Yeah slap me now.

He had a pretty good time, but only got to sight see a little bit. You know the whole going over there to actually work thing. Whatever!

He admitted the food wasn't his fave...he's picky so you can't go by his opinion. He didn't even try the fish and chips.

He did come home bearing presents a t-shirt for me and the biggest cadbury chocolate bar you ever saw in your life. As if the kids didn't have enough candy. He did do as I requested and if you know the hubs and you have a request, he fufills your wish by getting the most giganticist one they have. I'm not complainin, I'm just sayin.

He also took a few pics none of course have him in them, which that's C. for ya too.

There's Ben looking clockish as ever

Buck Palace from the back of the taxi (I'm all about the obvious folks. I tell it like I see it.)
This was a castle where Marie Antionette had her head chopped off.

London Bridge is falling down..not really
Here's the scoop on this pic. Hubs said that in order to turn on all of the electricity in your hotel room you have to have your card key inserted. Their all about saving the earth and everything there. Which really is ingenious. Hello America this method probably isn't rocket science?

Anyways we are happy hubs is home and glad he didn't have any issues at the airport or getting in and out of the country. His only complaint was he had to endure watching Harry Potter 3 times on the plane.

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Lawanda said...

Hahaha, love your commentary on the pics. And were you not JEALOUS that he got to go and you did not? There would be NO LIVING WITH ME, I tell ya, if my dh got to go to Europe and I did not. :-p


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