Thursday, November 1, 2007

Beauty School Dropout, Go Back To Highschool.

Parent Bloggers Network and the sponsors of the new book Beauty Confidential want to hear your beauty blunder story. They obviously don't realize I'm walking beauty blunder everyday.
I'm probably the last person to be blogging about my beauty blunders as I am not by any means a beauty connoisseur. I'm far from it. I have had some ridiculous poodle perms in the early 90's and a wild blond streak I went through in my early twenties. All of which I never considered a blunder until looking back on old photos, none of which I plan to share with the internets.

I do remember one blunder that does stand out,(fade to blurry screen and eerie flash back music). I was in high school probably 16 maybe 17 a friend of mine was staying the night at my house and we were bored. What do you do when it's the middle of the night and both of you aren't tired yet? You let your 16 year old friend cut your hair. Not just a trim, an actual cut.

I think it took her maybe 2 or 3 hours to cut it. It took her forever to even it out on both sides. She went through the right motions of parting my hair and clipping it up to only cut it in sections. She honestly did a pretty good job. There were no major crooked sides and overall there was no major screw ups despite the fact that it was cut shorter than anticipated.

When we actually told people at school that C. cut my hair, they were in shock that I would actually let her cut my hair. She was notorious for the crazy do it-yourself hair colors. For whatever reason I totally trusted that she could do it and figured what do I have to lose but my dignity? Besides it would grow out.

I look back on this now and it probably wasn't the greatest idea in the world, but how do you know until you try? I'm sure the greatest hairstylists in the world had to experiment on some poor soul and I'm gonna guess that it didn't turn out spectacular.

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