Monday, October 29, 2007

Wow I'm totally exhausted

I am beyond tired tonight. I feel I've been running a marathon since Friday. I don't do busy busy all the time very well. With the boys' festivals Friday night, errands on buying hubs a suit for his trip, a little cleaning, a little grocery shopping, and some pumpkin carving over the weekend and then tonight was Gamboy's dress up thing for CubScouts, I AM POOPED!

I don't know how you moms do it running around to multiple activities for multi kids every day. I guess I'm just a homebody after working and driving around on my mom taxi route every day. One activity a week is beyond enough for us, I would just never be able to keep up with the rest of the goings on of the house. So were done with all the fall festivities for now, except of course the fall giveaways. :) We're just going to turn on the porch light Wed. and see how many trick or treaters we get. I promised the boys we would trick or treat door to door at my parents, but that didn't pan out so hopefully next year. I figure a kid should trick or treat at least once in their life time.

We're also supposed to do a halloween thing at work. I just don't have the energy this year to dress up. I was going to do "Devil With A Blue Dress On" but never did get around to getting the devil horns. The blue dress I have is a bit tight and well a little skimpier than I like for work. I also thought of doing super mom and putting a big red M on my shirt and wearing the kids batman cape with an M, then using a belt I was going to attach sippy cups, and random mom/kid stuff to it and put on a plastic green mask. I think it would be cute but probably not award winning. I get pretty competitive in these things. I won for my scarecrow costume 2 years ago. I'm probably just going to bring one of the pumpkins. Would you believe I have two more pumpkins to carve? I may just paint them if I even get time. Tomorrow I have to make ghosts in the graveyard for the boys parties.

I'm really sorry I'm rambling, I do this when I'm tired. If I were to go to bed any earlier the dog would have a fit. He doesn't like his Chi to be out of sync. I'm having a great turn out on the Fall Ya'll Giveaway check it out you might win! Thanks everyone else for stopping by!

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Lawanda said...

Sounds like you are busy busy busy! I love the Super Mom costume idea!!!!!! :)


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