Sunday, October 14, 2007

Oh Hi! Do I still blog here?

I feel like I've been slacking or just been blogging fluff here lately. Sadly this post wont be any better. I just thought I would mention a few things that's going on.

-I went out Friday night with Co-workers and had some bitchin Margaritas. Needless to say I was feeling like twenty at 12 AM, and felt like I had to sneak home. When I woke up Sat. morning I felt like 70. Something tells me I'm not twenty something any more.

-My husband must really love me. He knew I really wanted a Wii for my birthday. I really think it's going to get the family to do more together and get us up off our duff and moving. Needless to say he told me this morning if you want your Wii, you better go now cause they'll probably be sold out by noon. He was almost right. I got the last one right at noon.

-Seeing as how fantastic I felt Saturday and how my body ached already from playing the Wii with co-workers and being well a little buzzed; Tomorrow is going to be probably worse. We've had a blast playing all afternoon-evening and I'm already aching.
That's pretty much been the extent of my weekend and it's really saying a lot as this the most excitement I've had in months.

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