Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For Your Repair Needs Call 258-9443...

Wonderboy has this talent of memorizing random facts which primarily come from commercials. He's been able to do this since he was 3.

I'll never forget when the whole family was in the car and listening to the radio when there was some kind of discussion or contest on and hubs thought about calling in but couldn't remember the phone number. I jokingly asked Wonderboy what the phone number was. This was when he was around 4. He immediately rattled off the phone number. Needless to say our jaws dropped to the floor and we knew he was some kind Rain Man. This was before we even really knew what Aspergers was.

This afternoon as we were leaving from his after school care, a woman was getting a jump start for her car battery that had died. Were getting into the van and Wonderboy goes right up to the lady and says "If your car is broken call Eagle Auto Glass for all your repair needs, 258-9443." He sounded exactly like the commercial. You would almost think he was getting paid for the plug. Of course he didn't quite understand that the commercial he was quoting, which happens to have a catchy jingle for the phone number, is for auto glass repair needs and not dead batteries.

Funny thing is, I had to ask what the catchy phone number was again for this post. He really is pretty handy to have around in those forget the phone number kind of situations.


Krista said...

Too funny! I wonder if you could get him to memorize things on command, like lists of grocery items or things that you can never seem to remember... :)
I've got some silly pictures up, come look!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

What a great story!


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