Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Lasting Impression

For some reason I've been thinking about my eulogy at my funeral. I know it's kind of morbid, but sometimes one just ponders those things. I was thinking of the people who would possibly be there. I don't have a large "close" family, just mainly my parents and sister, and C's mom and some of his family. I also just have a small hand full of close friends and of course my boys.
I'm probably thinking these kind of things cause when your approaching 30, you know death is knocking on your door. I kid of course about this statement, but I figured you would want some kind of reasoning for my thoughts. I haven't made any kind of real lasting impression on the world, so most likely hundreds wouldn't be in attendance of my funeral. I may be lucky to get a good twenty, not that your life's destiny depends on how many attended your funeral. I'm just sayin..

One person who I know is already making their lasting impression on this earth is Wonderboy. He doesn't even realize it or think about that kind of thing he just does it. In his mind he has never met a stranger. He makes an effort to meet new people everyday whether I approve or not. Sometimes he can be a little to into peoples face when introducing himself. Since I'm the least likely person to just openly introduce myself to total strangers, he sometimes really throws me out of my comfort zone.

When he goes to school, just about every teacher from the school knows who he is. Many many students know him as well. Although he's a little bit eccentric and quirky due to his "Aspie" ways, the children and teachers adore him. He always makes it a point when heading into class each morning to say hello, what's your name, I'm Wonderboy, to whomever happens to be walking along with him. You can simply see the ease and comfort he brings to people, just by looking at their face.

This morning at the grocery store we ran into a little boy who of course we didn't know. Wonderboy saw he was wearing a Cub Scout hat just like his big brothers. He immediately went up to him and said "Are you a Boyscout?" "My brother's a Boyscout." "Whats your name?" "I'm Wonderboy." Later through the aisles he saw the boy again and simply said "Hi J!" and we passed on doing our shopping. I believe Wonderboy again had made his lasting impression on a total stranger.

Not that I ever want to even think about Wonderboy's funeral, but I do know one thing, no matter when it happens, hopefully a good 70 years from now, he will have hundreds there to exclaim what a lasting impression he left on their life.

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