Friday, September 7, 2007

I probably have a warrent out for my arrest from the fashion police.

I'm a little "fashionably" late to the party. Since I'm at work I have an excuse right?
Parent Blog Network and Harper Collins are teaming to giveaway a Coach purse to any poor soul who is in high need of some fashion sense to be knocked into them. Who couldn't use a good knock to the block with a Coach purse?

Anyways since I was at work and it is kind of hard to take pics of my lovely wardrobe that is less than 2 miles away, I sent the challenge to my husband. He got right on it as he absolutely hates my wardrobe and thinks I should always wear tennis skirts with heels; he sent me a lovely picture of my thong undies. Not that I'm not saying that they are fashionably right, it's just that it's bad enough to flash my bad wardrobe for all the world to see much less my undies.

He did come through for me, cause he's loving like that. He picked exactly what I would have chosen.

This lovely item is my sweater vest from circa 1988. I got this vest in 6th grade from my best friend at Christmas. I still occasionally wore this vest all up to 2000 somethingImtoashamedtotellyou.

Oh look he even got some assistance. I believe the cat has now claimed it as his. You see that little bit of lovely to the left? He didn't send me the pic of the corduroy jacket with floral embroidery. I'm sure your probably relieved to not have to see it.


Katrina said...

Uhhh, nice. ;o) Cute kitty though!

Anonymous said...

We used to think we were so cool and dressed up in those vests! I love the the memories that you blog about.

Karianna said...

Oh boy. I have some keen sweater vests, too.


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